Monday 31 January 2011

Monday 31st January

Another month in and what a finish it turned out to be with a visiting birder seeing a Kildeer Plover down on the South west of Islay. Several of us went in the hope of seeing it, but did n't, but I have just been told that we were looking in the wrong place!
The figures came through from SNH for the International Goose count carried out earlier on this month. There were 35,898 Barnacle Geese and 7,428 Whitefronts.The Barnies are down from December, but the Whitefronts are up by over a thousand. Having said that both counts are higher than in January 2010. I wonder if there is anywhere else that counts the geese, so we could "track" the missing Barnies and where have the extra Whitefronts come from? Many thanks to SNH for providing us with these figures.

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