Thursday 28 February 2013

Thursday 28th February

Yesterday, over on the bird feeders at Keills Primary School, Sally , James's wife saw a Yellowhammer. Den Mather from Edinburgh had 10 Purple Sandpiper down at Bruichladdich. Gordon and Pauline Yates who have been over for the past 10 days or so headed home today, so thanks to them for sharing their sightings. Before they left, just as the light was fading on the reserve at Gruinart, they had 50 Reed Bunting coming in to roost on the scrub willow bushes at Culbuie roadend. Earlieron the spotted a female Brambling amongst the finch flock close to Coille. They also had around 20 Linnets there too. Speaking with them before they left, highlight, no rain at all during their stay, low point no sign of any Crossbills this visit. Today, down at Carnain we had a Moorhen on one of the rushy pools where the Mute Swans are often seen. Just before we arrived back home we counted 4 Buzzards and a Golden Eagle out high above the crag. There had been a few Fulmars seen this morning. The "vols" at Gruinart seen a male Hen Harrier, a Jack Snipe, 2 Buzzards and later a Golden Eagle walking on the ground.... Phil and Kath's top bird for the day was a male Hen Harrier and then shortly after a ringtail Hen Harrier out towards Kilchiran. Just at the darkening the mist rolled back in, the crag was lost in mist, wonder if the plane came tonight?

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Wednesday 27th February

A good night last night at the "bird nerds" meeting with 16 folk coming along including 5 visitors. It turned out to be a hands on meeting with several Barn owl pellets being looked at. We were also fortunate to have faeces from a Hooded  crow to look at and also a White tailed Sea Eagle pellet sent over by by someone over on Jura. In the Barn Owl pellets, bones present were from Mice, Shrews and also Voles. The Crow faeces had quite a few beetle casings and the White tailed Sea Eagle had part of a lower beak of possibly a Grouse, but Peter is going to do some detective work on that one. Phil and Kath (correct spelling tonight!!!) had 2 Barn Owls on their way home, one at Whinpark and the other over the fields towards Craigens. After we dropped James off, we had a Tawny Owl on top of the dyke up past the old school. It just watched as we drove past and never flew off! This evening we had a Tawny Owl calling in the wood here at the house. Yesterday Bob had a Goldcrest on the Bolsay moor. Also yesterday, George had 2 Woodcock at the edge of his trees at home, and also a Kestrel on his way down to Portnahaven. Earlier in the week, Phil and Kath saw a male Goosander on Lossit Loch  and today they spotted an ermine coated Stoat while walking between Ballygrant and Port Askaig. Malcolm yesterday had a flock of 260 Golden Plover at Duich with 80 Skylark counted on the track leading down to Laggan Farm.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Tuesday 26th February

Another early entry tonight as as I an away out shortly to go to the "Islay birds nerds", so here goes...James on Sunday had a flock of 300 Golden Plover in a field close to his house, there were 95 Skylarks present too. Yesterday on the estuary at Gruinart, James had 2 White tailed Sea Eagles, on the floods James spotted the Green winged Teal out in front of the hide. Also yesterday, visiting birders had been over on Jura, with 2 Golden Eagles, and also 2 Hen Harriers being seen. They also had Jack Snipe on the roadside. Back on Islay again, they saw a White tailed Sea Eagle towards Bunnahabhain and a Hen Harrier over the reserve at Gruinart. Bob yesterday also had a good raptor day with 2 Golden Eagles, 2 ringtail Hen Harriers and a Kestrel, all seen down on the Rhinns.

Monday 25 February 2013

Monday 25th February

Visitors yesterday had seen a male Goosander on the River Sorn. Up at Bunnahabhain they saw a Dabchick out on the sea feeding. They wondered if it was out on the sea as the freshwater lochs could have been frozen over? Phil and Cath had been down on the Oa today. A Peregrine Falcon was seen, some Fulmars were on the cliifs with a 6 Gannets flying past. Later on, they counted a flock of 50 Skylarks. This afternoon, up towards Loch Skerrols they saw a Grey Wagtail and down on the River Sorn, a Dipper was added to their list.
Tomorrow night, Tuesday evening, it time for the "Islay bird nerds" monthly meeting. We will be meeting in the ICCI or Gaelic Centre just outside Bowmore at 7.30pm. We hope to have some Owl pellets to have a look at, and Peter is going to be talking about a proposed "nerds visit" to Spain. So if you are over here on Islay, come along...We are holding the meeting there so that the folk from the Port Ellen end do not have so far to travel, a bit more central.

Sunday 24 February 2013

Sunday 24th February

Another great day although Mike's weather station recorded 3 degrees of frost at 5 am today...Phil and Cath had a juv White tailed Sea Eagle over towards Kilchoman with a Golden Eagle seen shortly afterwards.On Loch Indaal, just in front of Loch Gorm House there were 12 Pale bellied Brent, further along at the mini market in Bruichladdich 2 Purple Sandpipers and a Red throated Diver were spotted. Just before coming into Port Charlotte a ringtail Hen Harrier flew across the road ahead of them. This afternoon, Peter had a great time looking out over Loch Indaal from the pier at Bruichladdich. His sightings were as follows, 17 GND, 1 Black throated Diver, 48 Red throated Diver, 5 Slavonian Grebe, 85 Eiders, displayng and "cooing" away, 26 RB Merganser, 3 Long tailed Duck, 67 Common Scoter, 6 Scaup, 2 Mallard, 3 Wigeon, 16 Pale belled Brent, 2 Mute Swan, 2 Whooper Swan, 1 Black Guillemot in breeding plumage and 2 Razorbill. All that I could muster was a Buzzard sitting on the garden wall, a Wren in the wood with a Collared Dove out on the grass in front of the house.

Saturday 23 February 2013

Saturday 23rd February

This image of a Chough was sent through to me yesterday, taken earlier this week. Mind you the weather is still holding dry. In fact it has been trying to snow here all day but with no real effect....Earlier in the week Michal had been speaking with visitors who had seen a Purple Sandpiper up at Ardnave. Other birders who have left today  had 2 Brambling up towards Sanaigmore, a Golden Eagle at Ardnave, the leucistic Barwit also at Ardnave and had seen Pale bellied Brent Geese on Loch Indaal. . John and Carol Warner who also left today had seen a juv Golden Eagle up behind Sunderland Farm and later on a male Hen Harrier over at Kilchiaran. Michal yesterday had heard a Mistle Thrush singing outside the Visitor Centre at Gruinart and later on he had 2 Golden Eagles over the reserve at Gruinart and also a male Hen Harrier. Michal this morning heard another Mistle Thrush singing away outside his house at Moulin. Other visitors had seen a Brambling  along with some Linnets today at Coille in a mixed finch flock close to Coille. Going over the hill from Gruinart to Carnain, they had a count of 50 Ravens and also female Merlin. Earlier on at Ardnave, they had seen 9 Sanderling, 1 Barwit with 5 GND offshore. Bob this morning had more Thrushes around possibly due the cold weather on the mainland. They included 13 Song Thrush, 2 Mistle Thrush, 8 Blackbird and 20 Meadow Pipits. This afternoon, down on Machir Bay there was around 50 Oystercatcher on the wing, while just above the tide line there was a dead Guillemot, no sign of any oiling or being caught in any fishing nets. Over at the flats at Gruinart, amongst the Barnies present, Phil and Kath had the Canada Goose hutchinsii sp.

Friday 22 February 2013

Friday 22nd February

Steve who sent in some sightings earlier this week, had a great day yesterday. Down the South East coast of Islay, he had seen 3 White tailed Sea Eagles and also 3 Golden Eagles. Later, on  Loch Indaal Steve saw the Canada Goose hutchinsii sp and up in the wood at Erasaid towards Gruinart he heard a Tawny Owl calling. Last night after being attending Gordon Yates's great talk, Alastair, another visitor staying down at Portnahaven, had a Woodcock fly up and strike the side of his car, the bird appeared to have no broken wings, but obviously it was stunned for a wee while. Today Alastair was over at Gruinart and had seen a good cross section of Ducks including Mallard, Teal, Wigeon and also Pintail. He also had Redshank, Lapwing also also plenty of geese. Down at Port Mor at Port Charlotte, a Stonechat was seen while out on Loch Indaal, GNDs, Red throated Divers, Black and Common Guillemots. Common Scoter , Eider and Red breasted Merganser were also added to his list. Finally a female Merlin was seen on Alastair's return to Portnahaven. Other visitors, Kath and Phil had a male Hen Harrier, a Yellowhammer amongst the Chaffinches and also around 30 Twite all over towards Laggan.

Thursday 21 February 2013

Thursday 21st February

Another great day with the weather out here today although as I write this entry around 10 pm it is a bit on the cool side outside at present, cold for here that is! Our birders on their last day had seen a ringtail Hen Harrier down close to where they have been staying at Carnain. On Loch Indaal, they had seen Scaup, Common Scoter, Eider Duck and Red breasted Merganser, waders included Ringed Plover and Dunlin. Close their cottage, Dunnock, Song Thrush, Blackbird and Robin were present. With the weather being that bit colder, the bird feeders have been really busy yesterday and today compared with the other day when temperature was a bit warmer.Many thanks for your sightings folks which you have shared with us. Down at Gartbreck other visitors today had seen the Glaucous Gull.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Wednesday 20th February

Another dry day out here although there is a lazy wind that goes straight through you coming from the East as well, not a warm wind! By the way, the stars last night were tremendous to see, but it is overcast just now, so doubt if there will be any stargazing here later on... Bob today had been out Goose counting with Fiona. On Loch Indaal, with clear skies last night, some of the Barnies were resting up as the tide receded, along with the Barnies was a Pink footed Goose as well as a Canada Goose, hutchinsii sp , possibly the geese that frequent the Mulindry area! Up the Glen road, several mixed flocks of Redwing and Fieldfare were seen and also 5 Mistle Thrushes too. Down close to the radio mast at Cruach, just outside Bowmore a  flock of finches came off the stubble field, in their number there was at least 1 pr of Yellowhammer. At Tallant, 45 Golden Plover were counted and finally down at Gartbreck several groups of Skylarks were seen, the largest flock being 30 in number.

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Tuesday 19th February

A shortened edition tonight folks as for some reason my previous, longer edition did not wish to be published, see theses gremlins... Bob yesterday had a Sparrowhawk in his garden, a Kestrel later on just outside his garden,several Buzzards seen out on the wing. Out on the Rhinns, Bob had both male and female Hen Harrier and a Short eared Owl. The Hampshire birders had Pied Wagtail at Port Ellen and later on down on the Oa had seen 25 Fieldfare, 30 Twite and a ringtail Hen Harrier. Today down at Bruichladdich, they had 2 Ringed Plover, another Pied Wagtail, Rock Pipits all along the shore with a pr of Red breasted Merganser offshore. At the flats at Gruinart they had a possible Marsh Harrier and finally a Merlin over on the Glen road out of Ballygrant. Birders from Cambridge had seen 2 Golden Eagles, one coming out over the hill behind Sunderland with the other over towards Sanaigmore. Also close to Sanaigmore they had 40 Ravens while near to Garra Eollabus 30 Chough were seen.

Monday 18 February 2013

Monday 18th February

The Hampshire birders had a White tailed Sea Eagle at the top of Loch Indaal yesterday morning. Later on up towards the hills past Mulindry they had a Heron, a flock of 20 Fieldfare, with a Golden Eagle out over the moor. This morning they had a ringtail Hen Harrier close to "smelly corner" or Carnain to give its' correct name! New birders over for the week, Steve and family, on Saturday had seen 2 Golden Eagles from the Glen road. Yesterday at Bunnahabhain the Iceland Gull was seen. On Loch Indaal, 4 Slavonian Grebe, 4 Long tailed Duck as well as some Common Scoter and GNDs were present. Close to Bowmore they had seen a Glaucous Gull. Yesterday, Peter Roberts had a small flock of 30 Twite up towards Gortantoid. This morning Jane Griffiths had a Golden Eagle on a road kill Hare along from Uiskentuie, it was not having much peace from the traffic, but gave up in the end, for 2  pesky Hooded Crows to come along and then finally a Buzzard came for the remains!

Sunday 17 February 2013

Sunday 17th February

A great day out here although the wind was a bit gusty, especially when you are out bird watching... Yesterday George had 6 Wigeon and also 6 Mallard on his ponds, later on he had seen 4 Brambling up towards Briago. Today as he was leaving his house down at Bruichladdich, a male Hen Harrier flew past and up towards Bunahabhain George saw 2 White tailed sea Eagles. This morning I was out with Bob and Martin doing the count from Bowmore down to Gartbreck. Our list was follows, 1 Mute Swan, 20 Shelduck, 12 Red breasted Merganser, 14 Eider, 6 Mallard, 161 Wigeon, 51 Teal, 6 Goldeneye, 3 Cormorant, 15 Shag, 6 Rock Pipit, 1 Carrion crow, 1 Heron, 173 Oystercatcher, 73 Curlew, 121 Barwits, 5 Redshank, 40 Knot, 73 Dunlin, 3 Sanderling, 18 Turnstone, 10 Lapwing, 24 Ringed Plover, 13 Grey Plover, 3 Black backed Gull, 80 Herring Gull, 20 Black headed Gull and 60 Common Gull. No Divers were seen at all, possibly they were sheltering in from the wind! We also had a ringtail Hen Harrier out down towards the council rubbish tip at Gartbreck. On my home I did see a GND and also 4 Common Scoter close to the shore just as I was coming out of Bowmore.
If you are over on Islay this coming week, Gordon Yates will be giving an illustrated talk on "The World of Birds" at 7.30 pm on Thursday at the Islay Natural History Trust in Port Charlotte.

Saturday 16 February 2013

Saturday 16th February

A lot of birds for you tonight, coming in from all around, here goes...On Thursday, Malcolm had 5 species of geese in one field. Over at Ballytarsin there were around 1400 Barnacle Geese, 41 Whitefronts, 1 Pink footed Goose, 3 Pale bellied Brent and a Canada Goose hutchinsii sp. Later on Malcolm had 24 Pale bellied Brent on Loch Indaal, just below the "Power Generating station" at the edge of Bowmore. Yesterday the Hampshire birders had Long tailed Duck and Common Scoter on Loch Indaal. Round Carnain their highlights included Curlew, Scaup, Heron and Wren. Today in the same area they had a male Hen Harrier, Song Thrush and Rock Pipit. On a walk up to Loch Cam, later on they saw 2 Golden Eagles, 4 Chough and 2 Snipe. Bob had a male Hen Harrier up behind Port Charlotte, a Sparrowhawk down in Port Charlotte and also Lapwing displaying up in the fields beside his house. Last night on our way over to Bunnahabhain, after The Woolen Mill and on our way to our destination, we saw a total of 5 Barn Owls out on the wing, great to see! James today had a walk round Ardnave. His top birds included 32 Chough, 34 Raven, 1 Grey Plover, 10 GND, 7 Skylarks (1 attempting to sing!) 1 White tailed Sea Eagle (juvenile bird) out over towards Nave Island, 5 Cormorant and the leucistic Barwit was seen too. Back home at Grainel, he counted 45 Skylarks later on. Anna had a couple of Goldeneye in the harbour in Bowmore today, down close to Port Ellen she had more ducks and geese there as well as a couple of Shelduck. Late this afternoon, over the house here, we had 23 Chough in a flypast, pity they were not here the other week, it could have confused the Big garden birdwatch computer!!!!

Friday 15 February 2013

Friday 15th February

Our Hampshire birders had been up towards Knockdon where they saw Chaffinches, Brambling and some Yellowhammers. Along at the car park  at Ballygrant they had Blackbirds, Blue Tit, more Chaffinches and a Song Thrush. Down on the Sound of Islay, a Dipper was seen where a stream entered the Sound. A Grey Heron was seen on the shore with a GND and also a Black throated Diver out on the Sound itself. Anna today had a new "tick" today in seeing a couple of Pale bellied Brent at Bowmore. Lesley who is over for the week had a mixed Thrush flock in the wood at Gruinart consisting of Mistle Thrush, Song Thrush and Fieldfare. Lesley often visits Islay working as a "vol" at Gruinart, but this time is on holiday! Jane had 2 prs of Bullfinches in the woods at Bridgend today and also a Treecreeper there too. Back in the fields directly inn front of her house, Jane had a pair of Hares boxing this morning! This afternoon we saw a small flock of 6 Fieldfare over at the former Kilchoman School

Thursday 14 February 2013

Thursday 14th February

The temperature out here almost got in to double figures today, even had my jersey off  for a while this afternoon...Bob heard a Skylark singing away over beside where he lives. He also had seen a Golden Eagle out over the forestry behind Octomore, a male Hen Harrier as well as a Woodcock and a Short eared Owl. This morning, we had a Golden Eagle sitting on a straining post as we headed down towards Sunderland. As we got closer it took off and it was great to see one so close, no mistaking it, might even have been the same one that Bob saw, not that far over the hill! Coming home over at the road end to Culbuie, there were a pair of Stonechats and back at home there were around a dozen Fulmars soaring around along the front of the crag. Earlier on in the week, Michal and Nat along with the vols at RSPB carried out a count on Loch Gruinart. Highlight was a Glaucous Gull, other birds seen were 383 Shelduck, 181 Wigeon, 59 Pintail, 222 Oysterctcher, 600 Golden Plover, 78 Lapwing, 80 Sanderling, 89 Dunlin, 97 Barwits, 190 Curlew and 55 Redshank. Nat had 5 Heron, 8 Goldeneye, 10 Whoopers, 17 Wigeon and 205 Teal all on Ardnave Loch.

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Wednesday 13th February

It may well have been a lot of rain here today, but think positive in the sense at least we had no snow here on the West coast of Islay, mind you the fields etc are just a mass of water...Fortunately, our Hampshire birders had given me through some sightings from yesterday when they went on a walk out to Daill and then on out to Scouller. On their way up to Daill, they saw a Grey Wagtail, plenty of Chaffinches, Coal Tit and Reed Buntings. In the steading at Daill, they had a male Bullfinch, House Sparrows, Starlings and Chaffinches. Out close towards Scouller, 4 Chough were present, and on their return leg whilst crossing a ford, a Sparrowhawk was added to their list for the day.

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Tuesday 12th February

Our Hampshire birders yesterday had been up at Ardnave. In the dunes opposite Nave Island, they had a small flock of 20 Twite, out on the sea towards Nave Island, they saw 3 Black throated Divers and 1 Shag. Later on they counted over 40 Chough. On Ardnave Loch itself, 3 Whooper Swans were present. Down the road on the game crop close to Garra Eallabus, 2 Greenfiches were seen in the mixed flock of Reed Bunting, Brambling and Chaffinches. Finally down to Uisekentuie, they saw a Pied Wagtail on the fence at the side of the road. Yesterday Bob had 32 Greylags on Loch Gearach, also seen there were 1 Whooper Swan, 90 Teal, 20 Mallard and 45 Wigeon. Over towards Grimsay, Bob had 2 Snipe and later on a Short eared Owl. This morning, Jane Griffiths had a Golden Eagle fly past her house up towards Mulindry.

Monday 11 February 2013

Monday 11th February

Returning birders from Hampshire yesterday had seen a couple of Bullfinches in the bushes on the roadside down close to Whinpark, later on they had some Yellowhammers up towards Knockdon. Today they had seen a Reed Bunting down at the reed bed at the Coastguard Houses. Today, Mary had seen her first Gannet for some time, she saw it flying past Port Wemyss going towards the Orsay lighthouse. In Port Wemyss itself there were 2 Goldfinches on a feeder outside one of the houses. Coming out of the village there was a ringtail Hen Harrier out quartering its' patch. Finally up towards Bridgend, there was a young White tailed Eagle.

Sunday 10 February 2013

Sunday 10th February

Another miserable sort of a day with the weather... James had seen a Short eared Owl on the flats on the reserve at Gruinart. In amongst the flock of geese close to James's house at Grainel, a Canada Goose hutchinsii sp was present today. Here at home, we have seen a cheeky Starling that manages to get into the "caged" bird feeder.... it has figured out to get in... just get below the flap, force your head up to cause the flap to open slightly, then straighten your neck up a bit and then hey presto wriggle your way in and get some of  the "better" food on offer. We have watched it several times over the past few days... hope it does not pass on the method of entry to its' mates!!! The bird feeders have been really busy today, at one time this afternoon,  it was literally "standing room" only!!

Saturday 9 February 2013

Saturday 9th February

Not a great day day out here with the mist coming and going all day and a damp, smurry rain to go along with it all, net result no birds, but at one time I did see a few Fulmars over at the crag, hmmm, sorry folks!

Friday 8 February 2013

Friday 8th February

Today was the last full day here on Islay for the Lochwinnoch Birders, Garry and Sam. The weather stayed good for them so Garry and Sam had a good day birding. Down along Machir Bay they had Kittiwakes and a few Fulmar. Far along the hill, above the masts along at Kilchiaran, a Golden Eagle was seen, along the dunes at the back of Machir Bay they had a total count of 9 Buzzards, some on the ground others on the wing. Down there too they saw a ringtail Hen Harrier. This afternoon they headed over to the reserve at Gruinart where they counted a flock of 533 Golden Plover and also over 400 Lapwing. Other birds at Gruinart included 49 Dunlin, 4 Redshank, 38 Barwits and 68 Shelduck. In the wood at Gruinart, they had a small flock of Long tailed Tits. Many thanks for sharing your birds folks! Yesterday, Jane Griffiths had a Dipper on the River Sorn.

Thursday 7 February 2013

Thursday 7th February

Yesterday, Michal, one of the "vols" at RSPB, had seen 2 Greenshank out in front of the hide at Gruinart. Michal is over on Islay for 3 weeks and comes from Poland. This morning, we headed up towards Ardnave. Just after Mill cottage in one of the fields, there was a large mixed flock of Golden Plover and Lapwing, over 300 birds at least. Further on, close to Garra Eollabus, the flock of Brambling and Reed Bunting were still present in the "game crop". Ardnave Loch held 2 Mute Swan, 3 Whooper Swan, 1 Little Grebe, an Oystercatcher as well as Teal, Wigeon, Tufted Duck and Goldeneye. Coming home we had single Hooded Crows at various points and also a few Stonechats. A Peregrine was seen below Carnduncan as well. George today had 70 Curlews in his fields along with over 1,000 Barnacle Geese, the largest number he can recall there. On his ponds, he had a Wigeon this morning, the first for some time. Outside Bowmore George had 7 Pale bellied Brent Geese.

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Wednesday 6th February

A good day with the weather out here today, all be it that it was a wee bit on the cool side, it did remain dry, but it's that time of year! Clive had a pair of Bullfinches today at Cragabus on the Oa. Yesterday, the Lochwinnoch birders had a great sighting of an Otter down at Bruichladdich and watched it for quite some time. Later on, on their way up to Ardnave they had 10 Brambling along with a large number of  Reed Bunting. Late, this afternoon, they had a Tawny Owl down close to "smelly corner" 

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Tuesday 5th February

Another windy day out here with the odd squally shower thrown in for good measure, the temperature along with the wind chill have changed to, with the wind veering round and coming from the North, brass monkey weather to come! Yesterday, the Lochwinnoch birders reported in to say that over at Gruinart from the hide they had seen a male Hen Harrier, on the floods, Pintail and Teal. Along the flats they had seen a Canada Goose hutchinsii sp both on Sunday and again yesterday, possibly the same goose. Also seen on the reserve were some Twite. Down on Loch Indaal they had seen 9 Long tailed Ducks close to Bowmore. They also had seen 2 Herring Gulls with coloured rings on, one had a black ring on and the other had a yellow ring on, wonder if that was one of Euan's birds from last July? Today as we went down the road, there was a Lapwing flock down close to the Rockside roadend, it split in two all of a sudden and then we saw what was happening as a Peregrine nobbled one of the Lapwings!  Later on up behind Ballygrant on the Glen road, we saw a pair of Golden Eagle. Finally at home there were 5 Buzzzards out on the wing, late afternoon.

Monday 4 February 2013

Monday 4th February

Yes, the Fulmars must be a sign of impeding bad weather, as today it has been something else. I know it has windy, a gust of 63mph was recorded on Mike weather station at 06.53, and even now the wind is rolling around, fortunately no damage done. We are not alone as Calmac, our ferry operator on the West coast of Scotland, have got 10 ferry crossings cancelled out, including our service to Islay, there is one ferry sailing "normally" and the rest of the fleet on "amber alert", not that I would really want to go on the ferry when the wind is what it is like at present!!! Michal at the weekend had found a dead Little Auk on the shore close to Killinallan. I thought that the figures for the big garden birdwatch that we had were big, well today I think that we have had even more birds present including 3 Dunnock, 2 Robin and 12 Goldfinches. The Chaffinches and Greenfinches just kept rotating around and proved too difficult to count. The female Brambling was seen as well, nice to see it especially on the feeders close to the kitchen window! 

Sunday 3 February 2013

Sunday 3rd February

A Great spotted Woodpecker has been seen on the feeders at the bird table down at Foreland House by Amgela MacLeod. This morning there were some Fulmars in along the front of the crags, something afoot me thinks!! James had been up at Ardnave yesterday. On Ardnave Loch he had 7 Whooper Swans. He also had a count of 34 Chough at Ardnave too, a small flock of 23 Twite was present as well. Down on the shore there was a dead Dogfish. James also saw a Grey Plover, the leucistic Barwit was noted and a 13 Cormorants seen in total. The weather closed in late afternoon, with the crag being lost in the mist and evening ferry being diverted to Port Askaig!!!

Saturday 2 February 2013

Saturday 2nd February

A great day out here with the weather holding out, biggest problem is that it is turning a bit cooler now, time of year, winter time! Certainly the birds at the feeders have been scoffing the food today. I counted a Blackbird at the bird table this afternoon. Talk about being hungry, 153 pecks of seed before it decided that it had had enough! I saw one yesterday and it was just 50 pecks, but this one today tops it all... There was a flock of around 20 Blackbirds seen along the road at Sunderland this morning.

Friday 1 February 2013

Friday 1st February

That's January past now, the days are stretching out a little, both in the morning and in the evening, especially noticable here this evening! The rainfall for January was just a little more than January 2012, with the tally this year coming through at 7.75", most of it falling within the last week, or so it seemed! Forgot to mention last night that while I was at Loch Skerrols yesterday afternoon, nothing much really to report apart from 2 Mute Swan, and just as I was about to leave a Heron flew past and quickly followed by some more, in the end, 8 Herons flew past in all. They kept on going past Octuvullin. Here at home today, mid morning the Fulmars were in, 10 in total and mid afternoon they were all gone, could we be in for some more stormy weather come the start of the week? Bob yesterday had a Sea Eagle up the Glen road between Mulindry and Ballygrant. He also commented on seeing quite a few Woodcock around, and also some small flocks of Redwing and Fieldfare too.