Friday, 16 April 2021

Friday 16th April

Peter today had been out. making the most of the sunny day by the sound of things which is just as well as there is some rain forecast in a few days time.. Over at Storakaig, which is on the Glen road between Ballygrant and Mulindry, he counted a flock of 80 Golden Plover.

I read a worrying piece of news earlier on this evening, basically that Motmot Travel have called it a day, with the brother and sister team deciding to retire, they will be missed.. "Gone, but not forgotten."

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Thursday 15th April

 Peter e mailed me through the following birds seen recently on Islay....

"David Dinsley reports a Carrion Crow at Ghiol on the Oa on Tuesday.

Yesterday, David Wood saw a Magpie at Mid Cragabus while Mary-Ann Featherstone reports from Kildalton  that - "The woodpecker is tapping daily. The first Cuckoo arrived yesterday morning."

Some birds seen by James on the reserve at Gruinart...

"Willow warbler invasion- lots of willow warblers arrived yesterday all singing this morning

Geese- pretty much all the geese have gone – moved  away mainly on Monday/ Tuesday

Bullfinch on reserve yesterday, Sandwich Tern and Common Sandpiper Bruichladdich yesterday

This morning on reserve, Chiffchaff 2, Redwings still lots around, also seen was a Swallow

 And yesterday, Neil MacGillivray, saw a Cuckoo on reserve."


Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Wednesday 14th April

Matthew phoned yesterday evening to say he'd seen an Osprey (tucking into a very large fish) on a roadside telegraph pole overlooking Loch Gorm - he got a photo on his phone but by the time he returned with his better camera, it had cleared off.

As George E. Jackson was driving home from Uiskentuie, yesterday afternoon, there was a Grey Heron on the rocks just north of Bruichladdich - first one he has seen there for at least 3 weeks. 

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Tuesday 13th April

David Livingstone, had seen 3 Sand Martins when he was out on the Golf course at the Machrie this morning, David's first Sand Martins of the year....

Peter had helped Lesley with her WeBS count today from Bowmore to Gartbreck with the following results:

"GND - 3

Heron - 1

Shag - 12

Mute Swan - 1

Brent Goose - 2

Barnacle Goose - 1

Greylag - 6

Eider - 11

Wigeon - 6

Teal - 2

Mallard - 1

Shelduck 14

Oystercatcher - 60

Grey Plover - 2

Golden Plover - 155

Ringed Plover - 79

Lapwing - 5

Dunlin - 6

Sanderling - 17

Redshank - 5

Curlew - 6

Whimbrel - 1

Snipe - 3

Turnstone - 51

Common Gull - 52

GBB Gull - 51

LBB Gull - 3

Herring Gull - 61

B H Gull - 1


While doing the WEBS we had our first Swallow of the year, plus a White

Wagtail. We went over to Laggan Point later and had  a pair of Wheatear

and another Whimbrel.


Finally, this afternoon we've had some consistently lovely, sunny weather!"





Monday, 12 April 2021

Monday 12th April

Gary e mailed to say that the Whimbrel that he had seen yesterday was over at Cairnan/ Crosshouses...

Sunday, 11 April 2021

Sunday 11th April

A good list of birds seen by Dave Woods and another list seen by Peter.. This first list was seen by Dave...

"Male Ring Ouzel today, plus 1 Swallow, 2 Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff. 3 Sparrowhawk, 2 Kestrel, 1 Peregrine and 1 Manxie offshore on Friday, 3 Hen Harrier yesterday"

Peter sent me though this followowing list of birds seen, including the WeBS count which he had helped Bob carry out this afternoon...

"Saturday 10th: I went out to Lossit Point for the first time ever in 20+ years of living here and saw 2 Black-throated divers offshore.

(Also a report of a Cuckoo from a local on the Oa)

Sunday 11th: A walk around the Lily loch area this morning produced 5 Yellowhammers at a pheasant feeding station, plus Chiffchaffs heard and a single Willow Warbler seen.

This afternoon I was out with Bob Davison to do his WEBS count from Port Charlotte to Blackrock. Another spring migrant seen was a single White Wagtail near Bruichladdich. The WEBS produced the following:

GND - 10
Slav Grebe - 1 (in lovely summer plumage)
Gannet - 8
Cormorant - 3
Heron - 1
Razorbill - 6
Greenland White-fronts - 50
Greylags - 40
Brents - 13
Mallard - 5
Shelduck - 3
Red-breasted Merg. - 6
Eider - 79
Herring Gull - 34
LBB Gull - 3
GBB Gull - 10
Common Gull - 38
Sandwich Tern - 7
Oystercatcher - 46
Snipe - 5
Redshank - 4
Purple Sand - 5

Ringed Plover - 4

OTHER REPORT:  Whimbrel seen at Bridgend Merse (from Gary Turnbull)."

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Saturday 10th April

 I believe that David Dinsley had seen 2 Common Sandpipers over at the Laggan Bridge today...

I was speaking to my old mucka David Barr, a short time ago and he was telling me that he is hearing the Whaups, or rather the Curlews calling away in the morning when out walking the dogs...