Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tuesday 11th January

When I was out filling the feeders this morning for the garden birds, I looked over to the crag and the Fulmars were in again, there 19 in total, yesterday it was in single figures, here is hoping that the wind is not to pick up again later this week. Most of the Fulmars were on the ledges on the crag, but some were wheeling about on the wing, a really graceful sight to see. But that was not the end, as a lot higher up in the sky were 3 Peregrines, and a few moments later 2 of them landed on the top of the crag, but not in the usual spot, so possibly "new" birds.... Yesterday in the walled garden there were 19 Red legged Partridges rooting around at the base of the willows.

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