Friday, 7 January 2011

Friday 7th January

Peter has some friends over staying with him for a few days, in fact if the truth be told we met Peter's friends when we were on holiday last month at Asa Wright, bit of a small world really....
Well when they were having lunch down at Bruichladdich, a beautiful male Hen Harrier flew past, great. But more was to come... While Peter took Tim to the dentist in Bowmore later on, they stopped briefly at Gartmain, and just looking down at the mouth of the stream, what was there, but a Kingfisher. The dentist sorted Tim's toothache out by the way, nothing much a pair of rusty pliers can't sort!
Tonight I have added the facility on to the blog so that you can send in any sightings that you may have, if you wish to that is!

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