Wednesday 5 January 2011

Wednesday 5th January

A mixed bag today, especially on the bird table. We had a Reed Bunting in for some food along with a couple of Greenfinches and a few Goldfinches. The House Sparrows were there too, but no sign over the last few days of any Starlings or any Jackdaws. There was a first yesterday, a Rook! At the top of the drive, a couple of Redwings were seen briefly, while over on the crag, there were 3 Fulmars. The Peregrine was seen there this morning too, and at Ballinaby this afternoon, a Merlin was present.
George had his first Greenfinch for a while, on his bird table, but beat me with 2 Reed Buntings! He often gets Rooks on his feeders too! Down on the shore below his house, George yesterday had a count of 80 Lapwing. Today he had a male Hen Harrier beside Loch Gorm, and also a female on his way up to Ardnave. He had 6 Fieldfares up there too.

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