Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thursday 13th January

Today, I received an e mail through from Tim Cleeves who we met up with at Asa Wright last month. Although Tim and his wife Ann have never visited Islay before, they are old friends of Peter Roberts. They were over staying with Peter for a few days at the end of last week. So here are some of Tim's comments...
"On our travels, we stopped several times to comb through flocks of Barnacle and Greenland white fronted geese, indeed in one field, I saw more Greenland whitefronts than I had seen in my entire life!"
Further on Tim wrote,
"More geese and close to home too, and we watched 30 pale bellied Brent geese, resting and swimming along the west shore of Loch Indaal. More walks and more great birds- whooper swans, 2 golden eagles, a flock of over 120 Twite, and always the sound of geese. I realised that wherever we were on Islay, we seemed to hear the sound of wild geese, usually the high yelping barnacles, but sometimes greylags and whitefronts, if I close my eyes I just might bring the sound of Islay back...."

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