Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wednesday 12th January

The nights are starting to draw out again... it was certainly light longer this evening, but possibly because it was not too overcast. Apart from that they claimed on the weather forecast that we were second warmest place in Scotland today, a heady 10 degrees...
When out with the dog in the garden this morning, a pair of Chough flew past, some Rock Doves took off from the crag, and a few seconds later a Peregrine appeared, and behind a Buzzard was heard calling. Later on there was a Kestrel was seen hovering, a Raven flew past, cronking away, down on the dunes several Chough were seen, some Hoodie Crows were present too and a flock of around 40 Jackdaws were on the wing. Not really that bad a day for not moving away from home!

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