Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday 28th January

Malcolm kindly sent me some rainfall figures comparing the totals for the Airport and here at Kilchoman. Here at home, our figures may be a bit rough and ready, but here we go anyway!At the Airport, the 2010 tally was 42.1" while we had only 40.0", the previous year (2009) we had 57.5"and the Airport figure was 56.4". I wonder if anyone else records here on Islay, say even at Bridgend, or Port Askaig where the effect of the Paps would have an effect I would think. Many thanks Malcolm for providing these figures.
I was speaking to Albert Percival, Steve's father, earlier on this evening. Albert was saying that the Barnacle goose that was seen in the Bronx in New York became a big twitch in the States!
Down towards the road end to Rockside this afternoon, we saw a Merlin being chased by a couple of Jackdaws, the jackies eventually gave up and the Merlin rested up for a few moments on a telegraph pole. Also yesterday, over at Gruinart a Blackbird crashed into a bush, calling out loudly, and seconds later a Sparrowhawk emerged out of the bush, but with no Blackbird. We had not actually seen the birds "enter" the bush, but we did hear the noise of something crashing into the bush....

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