Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tuesday 11th January

Back on Sunday, Paul Graham from An Taigh Osda in Bruichladdich had been over at The Machrie for a quick round of golf, what flies over but a White tailed Sea Eagle. James was speaking to a visitor today who told him that he too had seen a Sea Eagle on Sunday, in the same locality, but it took a Barnacle Goose... It had a white wing tag on, so probably a 2007 bird!
Yesterday Carl had a couple of Chough at Uiskentuie and a flock of 100 Lapwing at Coultorsay
Peter had been up at Loch Skerrols today and the 6 Coots are still present. In the conifers they also had a pair of Crossbills.
Today George had his first Barn Owl at his house, that was the good news, the down side was that the poor bird was dead, in very poor condition. Possible proof that it was unable to get much food when the weather was so severe last month.
Malcolm had been goose counting with Bob today on the Rhinns, and was in touch to say that down at Portnahaven there were several groups of Fieldfare too be seen. Also at Port Bhan, between Bruichladdich and Port Charlotte, they had seen a Red Kite with a wing tag on. The colour was not easy to see.
Norman, James's father was down at the hide at the RSPB Gruinart reserve today and had a couple of Bullfinches. Later on, James had 5 Woodcock on the reserve, and this evening after dropping Norman off at airport, James had a Barn Owl over there.

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