Sunday, 2 January 2011

Sunday 2nd January

James had been speaking with some visitors at Gruinart today. One family was telling him that they had seen 8 Coots on Loch Skerrols, other visitors had written in the diary that they had seen a White tailed Sea Eagle down at Bridgend. Visitors staying with us in the cottages had seen the Red Kite out over the Machir and commented that they thought this was a different Kite to the one they saw down towards Portnahaven as the plumage was different. They had also seen a Golden Eagle today. All I can add was that we saw a Peregrine sitting on top of its' prey, a Pheasant, along at Sunderland Farm, unfortunately the Peregrine flew off as we got closer to it, and then a Buzzard appeared and laid claim to the Pheasant!

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