Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sunday 7th February

The story continues with another day with weather topping the bill, it was dryish for a few moments early morning, but soon went downhill with more rain falling and the wind picking up, but this evening, I think that possibly it could be not as wet and the wind has eased a bit, so allowing the ferry to come over this evening and is due to return back to Kennacraig later on.... The weather did not deter the visiting birders too go out and sample our weather... they even managed to see a Canada Goose, hutchunisi sp amongst the flock of Barnies in the fields over behind Bridgend... I only ventured out for some logs for the fire and put some food out for the birds to eat...

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Saturday 6th February

Not much of a day with the weather, rather wet with the wind behind it, not really a day for bird watching.... but on the way down to Bridgend, around midday, we did count 34 Pale bellied Brent Geese down at Blackrock. They were bobbing around in the choppy sea, rather them than me!!!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Friday 5th February

Another mixed sort of a day with the weather, only no sun, but at dusk tonight we were able to make out the shape of Ireland in the distance.... This morning, out over the crag there were a couple of Fulmars "wheeling" around, a Raven appeared out to try to chase them on. Out over the Machir towards the War graves cemetery, the Lapwings were out with around 25 counted and this afternoon 20 Chough were noted as well. Visiting birders over for a short break over the weekend had seen some Sanderling along with few Ringed Plover down on Machir Bay itself this morning.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Thursday 4th February

A mixed sort of a day with the weather, as several times I looked out I could not see the crag let alone the garden fence, the mist kept swirling around, but lifted and so allowing the plane to get in this evening...  Mike yesterday during the spell of better weather, carried out his NEWS sector at Lossit.  At Lossit bay itself, Mike saw a 1st winter Glaucous Gull eating a dead Gannet! He also had a male Hen Harrier, a count of 52 Curlew and 4 Chough seen while he was out. Back home at Port Charlotte, late afternoon, Mike saw 67 Common Scoter on Loch Indaal, his highest count so far, this winter.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wednesday 3rd February

I looked at the wind speed at one point today, it was not even registering 10 mph... to make the point as well, I was working outside repairing the guards around the trees and replacing some of the supporting stakes which needed sorted out!!! While I was outside, the Chough were out and about, vocal as ever, a flock of 21 Lapwing were flying out towards the War graves cemetery. Later on our way to Bridgend, there were 2 Buzzards perched on the same telegraph pole just past Rockside and at Blackrock, there was a raft of 44 Scaup. Bob, today had been over towards Claggain Bay where he saw a White Tailed Eagle on the ground, being mobbed by a Golden Eagle! Gary had been out on the Rhinns seeing 7 Buzzard, 5 Stonechat, 4 Mistle Thrush and several large flocks of Starlings on his travels. On Orsay Island,  Gary counted 45 H Gull, 4 GBB Gull and an Iceland Gull. Off Claddach, he saw 25 Gannet, 21 Kittiwake, 3 Black Guillemot, 10 Guillemot, 2 Puffin, 10 Fulmar and 3GND. Coming back up to Port Charlotte by Kilchiaran, a Golden Eagle was seen and then a Merlin at Cultoon. Finally at Bruichladdich 21 Ringed Plover,7 Dunlin, 9 Purple Sandpiper and a Redshank were present

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tuesday 2nd February

The wind has dropped now, not before time mind you. Having said that, late this afternoon I got caught out in a squally shower being peppered with hailstones, not nice!
Gary and Sam today had a Sparrowhawk in their garden over near to Ballygrant. This afternoon, down at the reedbed beside the Coastguard cottages, they counted  4 Reed Buntings, and on their way down to Machir Bay, the Glaucous Gull was seen over the dunes.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Monday 1st February

Another month in, our rain gauge here at home tallied through at 7.4 inches for the month of January. The winds today are something else... at 3.32 this afternoon, the wind speed read 79.9mph, and just after 6pm, the wind read at far the electricity is still on...
Yesterday, Bob carried out his big garden bird watch, with a total of 17 species seen, 37 Chaffinch, 3 M. Thrush, 1 S. Thrush, 6 Blackbird, 2 Robin, 2 Dunnock, 20 Starling, 10 Goldfinch, 2 Greenfinch, 2 G. Tit, 1 B. Tit, 1 Wren, 1 Redwing, 8 Hooded Crow, 1 Jackdaw and 2 Rock Doves. Also yesterday, while walking his dogs, Bob saw a Red Grouse on Bolsay Moor up behind Port Charlotte.