Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tuesday 29th July

A bit of a late entry, but tonight was bird nerds.. we did not see much this evening but had a great time comparing each others scopes, with no real best scope coming out as the best! James today had seen a Treecreeper on the reserve at Gruinart while Dave ad a Greenshank down on the reserve on the Oa! Yesterday he had seen 4 there. Martin had a ringtail Hen Harrier fly past his kitchen window today down at Glenegedale.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Monday 28th July

A new garden bird here today, a Robin was out in the garden, while I was at the sink in the kitchen, I saw a distant Golden Eagle, it flew in from the dunes behind Machir bay, pity I do not think I can call it an "actual" garden bird... If you are over on Islay at present, tomorrow night is the monthly meeting of the Islay bird nerds, so we are meeting up at the Gaelic college just outside Bowmore at 7.30pm for a look around to see what is out on Loch Indaal, so if you are around, see you there.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sunday 27th July

Sorry folks, late night last night, so I forgot to do the entry... Up on top of the crag yesterday was a solitary Raven cronking/ calling away. George was telling me today that the Moorhen on his ponds is sitting on a clutch of 7 eggs. Down on the shore there are now 5 juv Arctic Terns as well as 14 Lapwing, 1 Dunlin and 5 Snipe were present there. On top of George's house this evening were 2 Collared Doves. Today, Carl had a Red Grouse on Bolsay Moor, up behind Port Charlotte.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday 25th July

Forgot to mention last night that Tim and Janice had heard a Corncrake out from Bridgend woods, and later on through their stay, another down at Claddach, Portnahaven. Yesterday on the guided walk at Gruinart, Emily saw a Barn Owl, earlier on Mandy had seen an Osprey up at Ardnave with the vols spotting a a male Hen Harrier down at the "old Hide" and a wee while later on 2 Whooper swans were seen there too.... This afternoon up the top of the crag, there was a young Buzzard watching all that was going on, probably the same one that I saw the other day. This evening the was mixed flock of over 44 Chough and Jackdaw, at least over 30 Chough, but hard to get an exact count as they duck and dive while in flight!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thursday 24th July

Another cracker of a day, possibly not as hot as some other places, but certainly hot enough for here... Janice and Tim Scott who were over last week were fortunate to watch the Osprey fishing at Gruinart. They also had a ringtail Hen Harrier take off from the verge side at Gruinart and on the woodland trail, they saw a further 2 ringtails. Janice and Tim are away home now, but will return to see the geese in October. Yesterday, James had seen the Osprey at Gruinart fishing again...Bob today commented on seeing more Willow Warblers around today, so possibly some moving through.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Wednesday 23rd July

The weather just gets better every day, as good a summer over here this year, as far as I can remember. Yesterday, I was speaking to a friend who lives up behind Bridgend and he was telling me that in one the Swallows nests where he lives that they reared a brood of 5 youngsters. The other morning, a wee while ago while listening to his radio, the topic of conversation was the call of a female Cuckoo, lo and behold later that morning he heard one calling away... Yesterday, in the garden, I saw a pr of Pheasants out with a brood of 5 youngsters, all of which were just a few days old by the size of them. The other regular family with only the one chick, well, it is growing rapidly and has learned where the food is on the bird table as well as the dish with the water too...

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tuesday 22nd July

Another glorious day again, although I had to put the wipers on coming home late afternoon, but only for a few seconds... Visiting birder Jonny who arrived at the weekend had seen a Corncrake down close to Bridgend. Down there too, he heard a Grasshopper Warbler and further on 12 Barwits and at least 5 Common Sandpipers were added to his list for the day. Yesterday over the reserve at Gruinart, Jonny had a male Hen harrier, at Sanaigmore he saw a Whimbrel flying South and a Golden Eagle, South of Bowmore, he saw a Whinchat. This morning, he saw a Hobby chasing some Swallows over the merse at Bridgend. Here at home this morning, one of the young Buzzards was out on the wing, possibly one of its' first flights as it was not that good at flying yet... a Collared Dove flew over the garden, does it have to be in the garden or can I class it as a "garden bird" when it flew over the garden???