Friday, 21 September 2018

Friday 21st September

The other day, Ron McNab had a count of 50 Manx Shearwater while spending some time doing a sea watch down at Frenchman's Rocks. He also saw 2 Sooty Shearwater and then 2 Arctic Skuas harassing some Kittiwakes. Over at Gruinart, Ron had seen 2 Whooper Swans, possibly the Swans that did not fly away in the Spring. Coming over the hill from Gruinart, Ron had a White tailed Eagle and then a Kestrel while he was driving around Loch Gorm.
Yesterday, as we watched out the windows the Sparrowhawk flew through and over the crop spoofing all the wee birds up, but to no avail, maybe they are all too fat for it...
Today, Gary had seen large numbers of Goldfinch and Redpolls flocking while he was down on the Oa, with a pesky Merlin hunting through the flock. Later on, Gary had seen 2 White tailed Eagles siting on the skerries out from the Dower House.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Thursday 20th September

Yesterday evening, Distillery Dave had seen a female Wheatear fliting along the road in the car headlights over at Saligo Bay.
Today, David Wood had seen a Leach's Petrel off Lower Killeyan on the Oa. James How had seen a Peregrine on the reserve at Gruinart with Louise spotting her "regular" Peregrine on top of a telegraph pole below her house on Jura. Back on Gruinart, James Butcher had 9 Pintail, possibly the first sighting of the Autumn. Bob, this morning, had seen a large charm of over 300 Goldfinch round at Ballinaby. He also saw 10 Mipits there as well. Also seen at Ballinaby, 50 Skylarks as well as 4 Stonechats.
Obviously a much better day for birdwatching, with an "almost" dry day, and yes the wind had dropped considerably as well!!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Wednesday 19th September

James sent through a couple of sightings which he had yesterday, sent through too late for the deadline for yesterday's blog ....
On Loch Gruinart itself, James counted a total of 84 Pale bellied Brent Geese while on the reserve he saw 2 Ruff. Today, well the wind certainly picked up with plenty of rain in the mix too... It certainly has not helped my hairstyle, say no more !!!
Stop the press.. Just been watching the small cruise liner the "Black Watch" sailing past Coull Point, heading south, a bit close in for my liking... The other liner which sailed past night was the same vessel which broke its moorings earlier on today, over at Gourock ...

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Tuesday 18th September

Another day like yesterday, but this evening the wind has started to pick as per the weather forecast, around 6pm there was also a brief thunderstorm along with lightening as well, which is not that common here.
Mandy, this morning at 9 o ' clock had seen an Osprey down at Blackrock. Also at Blackrock, on the water, she had 9 Pale bellied Brent. Later on this afternoon, Mandy had an Eagle while over at the Dower House. She was not100% sure as to whether it was a Goldie or a White tail as she had not got her bins with her...
Returning visiting birder Ron McNab had seen 2 Peregrines mobbing a Buzzard while he was driving round Loch Gorm. Later on, he saw a female Wheatear while up at Kilchoman.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Monday 17th September

Not exactly the best day with the weather, with heavy showers coming in from the sea, coupled with strong winds. Another reason why tonight's entry is light in content!!
Yesterday Gary had a ringtail Hen Harrier over the moorland as drove down to Claggain Bay. At Claggain Bay itself, he saw an Arctic Skua harassing some Kittiwakes. He also had a male Wheatear there as well.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Sunday 16th September

Yesterday, Bob saw his second Goldcrest of this Autumn in his garden. Later on, in the adjoining field, he saw a Kestrel, the first that he has seen there for 4 years...
James was up for a natter and a cuppa this afternoon.. Back on Thursday, 21 Pale bellied Brent flew over the reserve and onwards. On Friday he counted a further 29 fly onwards .... Today on the reserve at Gruinart, James had 2 Goldcrest and also 4 Blackwits.
Up here, while having the famous cuppa with James, a female Sparrowhawk came and landed just outside the window, less than 20 feet away, no need for the bins, but the camera might have been handy ...
Talking about Geese starting to be seen, I read this morning that there had been 30 Barnies counted on Fair Isle yesterday..Svalbard geese rather than the ones that come down from Greenland to here !!!

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Saturday 15th September

Some sightings trough from visitor Steve Willis who had a brief visit from Wednesday to yesterday.... Down at Kintra, he had seen 2 White tailed Eagles fly overhead, on the shore, there was a small group of 10 Curlew and he also a great sighting of a big hen Peregrine at Kintra as well. While driving up towards Kilchoman, he had a Sparrowhawk fly across the road. Down at Machir Bay, he saw Raven, Buzzard and then a Merlin mobbing the Buzzard. Finally at the top of Loch Indaal, Steve watched an Osprey fishing. Many thanks Steve, much appreciated.
This morning, here at home, around breakfast time, the ringtail Hen Harrier was out over the bumble bee crop, no doubt looking for a snack for its' breakfast, but no joy as it just kept on flying away from me!!