Friday, 9 December 2016

Friday 9th December

Gary had seen a Merlin being harassed by a couple of Hooded Crows as he approached Ballygrant, and then later in the trees, he had some Long tailed Tits. Down on Machir Bay itself, Mandy had the flock of Ringed Plover along with the single Turnstone and the Grey Plover was with them as well. Out over Coull, she had a distant sighting of a juv. Golden Eagle. Peter had seen a White tailed Eagle up close to Bridgend and also 28 Pale bellied Brent, near to the shore, beside "cash Kelly's" former house at Blackrock. Over at Gartmain, we saw 20 Pintail amongst a mixed flock of Wigeon, Teal and some Mallard. There was also a few Red breasted Merganser out on the water too, with over 30 Oystercatcher noted on the rocks at Bun an Uisg, on the edge of Bowmore. On Loch Skerrols,  there were a couple of family groups of Whoopers present along with 2 families of Mute Swan as well.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Thursday 8th December

While she was sitting having her "packed lunch" over at Port Ellen, Mandy saw a White tailed Eagle fly past, coming in from the skerries past The Ard, it flew over towards Kilnaughton Bay  and then inland... Later on, Mandy had seen Pale bellied Brent amongst the Barnies at Kinnabus. Late this morning, Margaret and myself headed down towards Machir Bay, and in the same field as where the Isabelline Wheatear was last week, amongst the 40 Ringed Plover present, a Grey Plover and a Turnstone were seen. James commented on the Grey Plover being in a field,rather out on the shore, but he was thee as well, to witness it!!! We had the same count of Ringed Plover that Mandy had there yesterday, so probably the same birds. Late afternoon, here at home, I saw another House Sparrow with a ring on its' leg, a different bird as yesterday was a female and today it was a male! Today, I had my camera to hand but I was still unable to read the said ring, probably some of the birds caught and rung by George E. Jackson, so must really get it caught on an image, if nothing else to satisfy my curiosity.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Wednesday 7th December

Not a lot to report tonight, but Paul Graham had see a couple of White tailed Eagles at the top  of Loch Indaal at Bridgend around midday, one flying inland over the trees, the other out over the loch. Paul wonders as to whether they had been down on the merse on prey. This afternoon, Mandy had 40 Ringed Plover down on Machir Bay. Here at home, there was a House Sparrow with a BTO ring on, but I never got a chance to read it... 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Tuesday 6th December

Apologies to Mandy from yesterday as I had overlooked an email that she sent through... Yesterday she had seen a Snow Bunting down towards Claddach at Portnahaven. Late afternoon, yesterday I saw 3 Whoopers fly past on their way South. This morning, Mandy had 16  Whoopers down in the barley stubbles at the Coastguard's at Machir Bay. The weather today has ben rather miserable, so not a lot about, outwith our control that one, honest!!!

Monday, 5 December 2016

Monday 5th December

This morning, Mandy had counted total of 28 Pale bellied Brent Geese between Gortan and Bruichladdich. Later on, she spotted a Canada Goose amongst the Barnacle Geese down at Cladville. Gary had been down on the "Big strand" below the airport where he saw a Merlin, 14 Wigeon, 6 Mallard, a Long tailed Duck, a small mixed flock of Ringed Plover and Turnstone, 150 Golden Plover and a Barwit.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sunday 4th December

Yesterday, Gary had seen 20 Siskin in the treetops down at the mouth of the River Sorn as it enters Loch Indaal below Bridgend. Today, he had counted 14 Turnstone and 10 Ringed Plover over at Feolin on Jura. Also today, Mike and Val Peacock along with Pia had a pod of 8 bottle nosed Dolphin close in on Loch Indaal at Port Charlotte around lunchtime. Mike followed them down to Nerabus, about 3 miles or so. Here at home the birds have been making the most of the food available at the feeders, a sign of some colder weather coming in a few days time???

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Saturday 3rd December

Stuart Crutchfield came over this morning on the ferry, and after a long patient wait, Stuart saw the Isabelline Wheatear down at Machir Bay. Early afternoon and Bob got the bird as well, now on his Islay list as well. There are great images of the Wheatear  on the Argyll Bird Club's webpage and look under 2016 sightings. Well done to all of you who have come and seen it. On his way to Machir Bay from the ferry, Stuart had seen a Yellowhammer  down near to Gortan, just as he turned off the "main" road. Later on along at Uiskentuie, Stuart saw a male Hen Harrier and along at Blackrock, at least 25 Scaup were present. While Bob had been down looking for the Wheatear, he saw a Merlin fly past, and earlier on up here from our house window, both Stuart and himself had spotted a female Sparrowhawk fly through. Earlier on this morning, I had a Grey Wagtail down on the burn below our house.