Friday, 22 March 2019

Friday 22nd March 2019

A count of the Floods at Gruinart this afternoon:
Lapwing 180
Little egret 1
Heron 4
Redshank 45
Snipe 4
Teal 601
Little grebe 3
Wigeon 198
Mallard 86
Shoveler 40
Pintail 63
Whooper swan 10
Black headed gull 4
Mute swan 6
Curlew 11
Common gull 2
Golden plover 1385
Dunlin 14

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Thursday 21st March

A misty murky day - but the birds are singing, lots of redshank and Lapwing displaying on the Gruinart Flats and some drumming snipe today. The mist and murk has attacked Ians computer, hence the short updates from me (james).

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Wednesday 20th March

The spring equinox and it has certainly warmed up today with a couple of bumble bees out at Gruinart.
Mike had a Great Crested Grebe in a bay nr the Dower House beyond Ardbeg on the 16/03 and the Green Winged Teal was still at the Distillery pond Port Charlotte on the 17/03.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Monday 18th March

Could Spring be here now as the wind has dropped quite a bit, with the birds singing away as well? 
This morning, I saw my first Linnet up here for quite some time, all the birds on the feeders appeared more settled as well, giving some notes in their vocal chords a bit try too, rather than just polishing all the food off! There was a Buzzard soaring high ove the big crag, while on the deer fence along above the cave, another 2 Buzzards were perched up about 100 metres apart, just watching what was going on all around. Out towards the War Graves, I counted 43 Greylags out on the machir. The Choughs were noisey and nosey as ever!!!
This evening, Christopher McLellan told me that he had seen 4 birders down at Pennycraig this afternoon. They were out of their car with their cameras with big lenses fitted, trying to get images of the White tailed Eagle which was out over the top of Loch Indaal causing havoc with the Barnies present.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Sunday 17th March

James was over for a cuppa this afternoon, and over a cuppa , I gleaned some sightings from him... Yesterday, James had seen a Merlin, a Peregrine and also a Kittiwake at Gruinart. Today, he had seen 2 White tailed Eagles over at Loch Skerrols.
A quck e mail in from from Chris Mills this morning, saying that he got home at 10.30 last night, a long drive for him from Kennacraig to Norfolk...

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Saturday 16th March

Back on Thursday, Stewart and Cath, (the couple of visiting birders who I did not know their names, the other day) had seen 2 White tailed Eagles up the far side of Keppols. Chris Mills and the group from Norfolk Birding had seen 15 Chough fly into the roost up here on Thursday, late afternoon. Last night while coming back through Bruichladdich, they saw a Barn Owl carrying a vole. Then to finish their trip off, a Woodcock was seen as they approached they have been staying. If my memory serves me right, I think their tally for the week came to 95 species seen, a great tally considering the weather..  Many thanks for all your sightings folks, as ever much appreciated!!!

Kevin Morrison who lives in Port Ellen and is working down at Foreland House at present, had seen a Greater spotted Woodpecker on the bird table at Shuna's house where Woodie now lives. He also had seen 3 White tailed Eagles along from Uiskentuie, as he drove along the road towards the road junction leading up to Foreland.

Today, Mike along with 2 of his friends, Guy and Mark had seen an immature Golden Eagle and a White tailed Eagle being mobbed by a Buzzard, all in from Keppols. While coming along the Glen road, they saw an adult Golden Eagle, a Kestrel, as well as a Hen Harrier. Down on the merse at Bridgend, they saw a Little Egret. While walking down to the South hide at Gruinart, they heard a Chiffchaff calling away. Distillery Dave had seen 4 Pale bellied Brent Geese on Loch Indaal, in from Gortan this morning. Late afternoon, while in for a cuppa and a catch up, Dave spotted a Golden Eagle far out, away over the crag being mobbed by a couple of Ravens initially and then a Buzzard came and joined in the fray.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Friday 15th March

Today was the last full day of Chris Mills' group from Norfolk Birding for this visit.  Down on the Oa they had seen a ringtail Hen Harrier, with a flock of 50 Skylarks seen at Kinnabus. Also on the Oa, they counted flocks of over 250 Twite and 80 Linnets. A Peregrine was seen out from Arbeg Distillery as well as a Grey Wagtail seen nearby. Along at Kildalton, they saw 3 Yellowhammers. Further along the road, they had  2 White tailed Eagles. Finally at Leorin, they had spotted the Todd's Canada Goose amongst the flock of Barnacle geese there. 

An interesting footnote.. Yesterday's post to the blog was the 3,900th  post on the blog, so keep the birds sightings coming through folks and I will try to keep you informed as and when I get any sightings through. As I keep saying, there are lies, damned lies and then there is the bird blog...