Monday, 2 May 2016

Monday 2nd May

Yesterday, Carl had a single Whooper on Ardnave Loch,  he counted 130 Barwits at Tayvullin. Back down close to Garra Eallabus, a Cuckoo was heard while in Bridgend Woods, Blackcaps and also Bullfinches calling. Back over at Port Bhan, 25 Whimbrel were present. This morning, Bob had 28 Blackwits opposite St Kiaran's Church and also the same number of Whimbrel present along at Port Bhan. This afternoon, we had 3 small groups of Whimbrel, 5 seen past the Coastguards towards Coull Farm, 7 at Ballinaby and then 15 over at the Killinallan gate. A couple of male Hen Harriers were over the East end of Loch Gorm. At home, the Greenfinches  were on our feeders, but no sign today of the Lesser Redpoll. Early this evening, James had seen a Lesser Yellowlegs out from the new hide at Gruinart , also present were 4 White Wagtails and 2 Gadwall. Back at Mill cottage, ( James's house) while were having a cuppa and catch up, 2 Common Redpolls were on James's feeders along with Greenfinches, a BlueTit and Goldfinches.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sunday 1st May

Another month in, a mere 2.1" of rain fell, although it seemed a lot more!!! Today, Mary heard a Corncrake calling down in Portnahaven, close to the Church. She also heard a Grasshopper Warbler nearby. Bob this morning had seen an adult White tailed Sea Eagle flying over Carn at Port Charlotte and  saw 25 Golden Plover in the fields at Octomore. Helen Brown had a pair of Siskin on her feeders at Ardnahoe. Here at home there were 2 Greenfinches on our feeders as well as a Redpoll . Out on the sea, towards Coul Point, Margaret has seen some small groups of 4- 5 Gannets flying North and South. Malcolm had seen 5 Pale bellied Brent Geese at Gortan at midday and then around 50 flew South past Bruichladdich around 4pm.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Saturday 30th April

Yesterday, David Shallcross of the Leigh Birders who are over on Islay at present e mailed through to say that he had been seeing a Ring necked Duck over on Loch Finlaggan on the past couple of days amongst the Tufted Ducks there. Today, Bob had seen a Barn Owl at Keppols and then down on Loch Skerrols, he counted 21 Shelduck. He too felt there were more Swallows and Wheatears around and 4 Wheatears hopping around in the field in front of his house. Nearer to his house, there are still 2 Siskins present. Here at home the pair of Redpolls are still around at the feeders along with at least 30 Goldfinches.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Friday 29th of April

Thank goodness we missed the most of the snow that other places seemed to have had. Mull is pure white, and I believe they had get some snow ploughs sent in from the mainland to help out.. Further South and Ireland too had a good covering on the hills there...Yesterday was Susan Miller's last day of this visit, and at the reserve at Gruinart, a male Shoveler showed well for Susan. Today, at Gruinart, James saw a Whinchat and heard Sedge Warblers and Grasshopper Warblers singing away. Helen Brown who lives over close to Ardnahoe reported in to say that she has had a pair of Yellowhammers regularly on her feeders. A pair of Hen Harriers are often seen out on the wing and recently a Redshank has taken up residence on Ardnahoe Loch of late.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Thursday 28th April

Earlier  this week, Pia Roberts had seen an Osprey sitting on top of a telegraph pole at Loch Gorm.  On Tuesday, the Leigh Birders (David Shallcross, Eddie King, Alan Wilcox, Pauline and Ian Greenhalgh) had seen 4 Sandwich Terns, some Knot and some Barwits on Loch Indal. At Gruinart, they saw Coal Tit, Peregrine, Merlin while further out, they saw 15 Blackwits, a Dabchick, 15 Whitefronts, 20 Barnies, 2 Whoopers, 45 Golden Plover, Whimbrel and Turnstone. They also saw a further 2 Whoopers at Ardnave Loch. Yesterday, they had 10 House Martins just past Bridgend, a Cuckoo on the Rhinns with a Goldcrest in Gearach Forestry ans well as some Willow Warblers there too. Over at the junction leading to Gruinart from Loch Gorm, a male and also a ringtail Hen Harrier were added to their list for the day. They also had another male Harrier up at Sanaigmore. Susan Miller had seen a single Yellowhammer out of Port Charlotte, on the road leading out to Kilchiaran. This morning, like a lot of other areas, we awoke to snow showers, although it did not lie white on the ground here.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wednesday 27th April

Oops, last night I made a large error on the entry by writing that James had 6 Garganey on the floods at Gruinart, it should have been 6 Gadwall, must have got lost in translation, somewhere along the line, more likely I could not make my own hand writing/ scrawl....
Mary, on Monday had a Glaucous Gull at Claadach,  a Sparrowhawk was also there while she had a Wheatear and also a Mistle Thrush as she headed back to the village. Yesterday on Claddach Loch she counted 8 Canada Geese then watched a Hooded Crow and a Hare having a go at each other... Along at Gortan (coal yard) Mary saw a House Martin and then a GND off Carn as she headed home. Last night at the bird nerds' stroll in Bridgend Woods we saw Coal Tit, Long tailed Tit, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Robin, Wood Pigeon, Sand Martins swooping low over the River Sorn, a couple of Dippers, a pair of Mallard flew past. A couple of Treecreeper were seen on the trees while out on the fields some White Wagtails and also Pied Wagtails were present.
Michal e mailed through to say that there is a Cuckoo calling all hours along at Mill Cottage...

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Tuesday 26th April

Yesterday, Jack Fleming had seen a Corncrake along the flats at Gruinart. James had seen 2 Red Grouse out on the moor and then a Little Grebe as well as 6 Gadwall out on the floods. Also yesterday, returning birder Susan Miller had seen a Sparrowhawk, several Buzzards, Wheatear and some Song Thrushes on the Glen road, mostly seen close to Ballygrant, rather than the Mulindry end! Other highlights included seeing a pair of Peregrines out on the wing round Loch Gorm. The Leigh birders had been out about yesterday, seeing a group of around 15 Sand Martins at Bridge House/ Island Farm on the Low road out of Bowmore to Port Ellen with a few Hen Harriers seen on their travels and then a lesser Whitethroat heard up past Torra and then a male Whinchat along at Red Lodge. They had counted over 100 Ringed Plover at Rubha Ban at the top of Loch Indaal, past smelly corner. Further along Loch Indaal, a few "comic" terns were seen along with some Sandwich Terns there as well.