Monday 13 November 2023

The Weekend, 11&12 November

 A weekend neatly divided into one glorious winters day with sun shine and no jackets, then on the Sunday a windy, cold day building up to the edge of Storm Debi on Monday.

Fairly quiet, the better weather on Saturday bringing the sightings before everybody battened down the hatches and did their 'big shop' on Sunday.

Gary was at Finlaggan enjoyin a 'raptor day' with one kestrel, one sparrow hawk, 5 buzzard, 2 golden eagle and 3 WTE.  

Malcolm reported a solitary waxwing drinking water off the driveway of his house. 

In the afternoon, it felt like most of the island were down at Ardnahoe for the first Christmas market of the season.  A beautiful part of the Island and a nice start to the season.

Thanks to all for your contributions and for bearing with me late entries, poor grammar and spelling.  Annie returns to the blog today and I'm sure things will improve tenfold!

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