Friday 17 November 2023

Friday 17th November

Beautiful start to today with clear skies and sunshine. Lauren Stewart and I spotted a Peregrine flying over the moor south of Ardnave. Lauren also spotted two White Tailed Eagles on Loch Gruinart, I spotted a third, and James How saw two more on the flats. James also spotted a Merlin at Gruinart this afternoon. This evening, Lauren Stewart, Ella Simpson, and myself watched five Hen Harriers (three ring-tail and two male) come in to roost at Gruinart.

Elsewhere on the island, Margaret saw a male Hen Harrier flying along the crags at Kilchoman this morning. Garry Turnbull had five White-Tailed Eagles (one by Ballygrant, two by Keppols, one at Bridgend, and one at Carrabus), and three Golden Eagles (one by Carrabus, and two by Loch Skerrolls).

Malcom Ogilvie spotted an adult Dark-bellied Brent and adult Light-Bellied Brent in same Barnacle flock by Craigens turning this morning, and juvenile Light-Bellied Brent with Barnacles at Caracas.

I’ll update you with Loch Gruinart WeBS results tomorrow – so stay tuned!


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