Saturday 11 November 2023

Friday 10 November

 The waxwings once again taunting and teasing us today - in Port Charlotte Neil could hear it calling around the hotel, finally getting a glimpse of it in the gardens opposite. Ed also had a 'brief encounter' with a single waxwing just outside Port Ellen.  There must be slim pickings for them after the thrush flocks have ravaged the verges. Indeed on my school run between Port Wemyss and Port Charlotte I lost count of the blackbirds.

On his way to the ferry, Neil spotted the Glaucous gull at the usual hang out, and on the quiet ferry crossing back there was a pod of porpoise, 3 otters, c20 long tailed ducks, three common scoter, and some red-throated and great northern divers at the Kennacraig side.

I too had an otter near the coal yard, swimming in with what looked like a big fish.  The conditions look good for otter spotting with lovely calm sea in the Loch over the weekend. Out West it is still huge swells. Near Port Mor in a field to the south, there is a lot of activity with brown hare, lapwing, curlew and thrush all actively feeding.  My daily kestrel had moved to  Port Wemyss this morning.

Robs highlights today was a single brambling in flight over Port Ellen, and 2 snow bunting at Kilchoman.

At Loch Gruinart, James had 2 barn owl, 2 golden eagle, 9 little egret, and 790 lapwing.

Todays photo from Billy of turnstone.

Thanks to all for the contributions, as I write this the sun is coming up on Saturday morning - looks like a beautiful cold morning ahead.

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