Friday 3 November 2023

Friday 3 November

 Starting todays entry with 5 swallows that were seen yesterday at Ardistillery by the RAFOS! Sorry to have missed that.

Moving onto our winter friends: Morven at Nature Scot sent in the first Island wide goose count of the season, taken over the 1st and 2nd November. 34, 573 barnacles, 2382 whitefronts and 1846 greylags.

Dave W saw 2 waxwing (briefly) at Kinnabus before they were blown away on an easterly gust.  Ed at Cornabus noted an increase in woodcock.  Dan's sightings today as follows: snow bunting, golden eagle, 2 WTE and a merlin on the Oa. At Cornabus the female American Wigeon, at nearby Kilnaugton 5 chough. in Port Ellen bay 5 Canada geese plus Pacific black duck hybrids.  Later, a barn owl near blackrock, plus a further 2 on the Gruinart Flats and a tawny owl at the nearby woods.

At Claddach croft, 3 chough on the beach, one snipe and one jack snipe in the fields. Overhead down in the village there were 2 small flocks of whoopers arriving, with 3 later seen at claddach loch.

Thanks to all for your contributions!

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