Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Wednesday 27th October

 Today’s weather seemed marginally worse than even yesterdays – light southerly winds and overcast with heavy rain for much of the morning, then continued heavy showers in mostly grey skies for the remainder of the day. But is does continue to be very mild!

The poor weather is reflected in the paucity of sightings coming in this evening - just these:

Gary found the Little Egret at Carnain this morning.

I saw the same Ring Ouzel as yesterday: same place/same time – eating cotoneaster berries in my garden at Bruichladdich during lunch-time.

Except for two lovely sunset photos - from Teresa Morris and Ed Hutchins, that's it for today folks!

A later check of emails to the Blog this evening revealed that it wasn't quite it for today with a pleasant note from Nyree & David Fearnley saying: “We are visiting naturalists from Yorkshire, who have been coming to Islay for many years. We love reading your blog when at home in Yorkshire. I lived at Bridgend as a baby for a year when my dad was working for the Islay Estate almost 50 years ago, and my husband David has been coming for over 30 years.

We arrived on Monday and saw a Little Egret on Loch Indaal, close to the mouth of the River Sorn, which is a bird that we have never seen on Islay before. Then we saw another little egret from the main hide at Gruinart yesterday morning.

Yesterday we were at Ardnave Point and saw a Golden Eagle over Nave Island, at least 10 Choughs, and a flock of Sanderlings on the beach. On our way back to Bridgend there was a young White-tailed Eagle on Loch Indaal close to Islay House.

Today at Kilnaughton Bay there was a White-tailed Eagle flying over and a Great Northern Diver very close in on the track to Carraig Fhada. There was a White-tailed Eagle again on Loch Indaal at Bridgend.

And of course the Barnacle Geese are just a delight, we love them”

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