Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Tuesday 19th October

 Another day starting with heavy rain and generally unpleasant conditions, brightening a little by the afternoon and with patches of blue sky by early evening.  Winds from a southerly direction made it very mild.

Visiting birder Alistair Hart sent in this note: “So sad to have heard about Ian, he was always so lovely and welcoming. 2 Sea Eagles yesterday between Octofad and An Gleann was a highlight. A Redwing seen at the edge of Portnahaven.”

The White-tailed Eagles certainly seem to be mobile at present, as Mark Shields noted 3 or more sub-adults chasing the geese up at Gruinart this afternoon. Pia took photos of 2 young birds, possibly some of the same individuals, as they wandered down the coastline between Uiskentuie and the Kilchoman turn-off.

Other than that, the only other reports today are:

From Richard Belter of a Barn Owl quartering the area near Blackpark near Uiskentuie.

From Kate who saw the “Bird of the Day” - a Little Egret up into Loch Indaal beyond Blackrock (plus a Merlin hunting in the same area).

From Teresa Morris who seemed beaten by the weather today and reports just 14 Whooper Swans flying up Loch Gruinart this morning – but provides us with this lovely picture capturing  slightly brightening weather towards the end of the day.

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