Thursday, 7 October 2021

Thursday 7 October

 An other day of mixed weather. Had some sighting from visitors, always lovely to hear from you and happy that you take the time to share your sightings during your stay.

John Wills spotted the red-breasted goose among a large flock of barnies at Loch Gruinart this morning, visible from the RSPB woodland trails viewing area. The Horwich birders were near Coull this morning where they saw a ringtail hen harrier hunting in the fields, plus a lonely whooper swan.  At Machir Bay they had a lovely sighting of 4 winter plumage sanderling feeding on the tideline.  Later in the afternoon, between showers, 8 swallows by Ballinaby feeding over the hedges, at Saligo a female merlin and a trio of roe deer in a nearby field.  The collective noun for roe deer is a 'bevy', which I've always enjoyed the chance to tell people!

Over at RSPB Loch Gruinart area Teresa Morris had a busy day. Juvenile red kite over the reserve flats, with an immature WTE over Craigens side. From the hides a ring-tailed hen harrier, which visited 3 times while she was there, 2 snipe, 11 lapwing, 12 greylag, 1 whooper, 27 pintail, 12 mallard, heron, hare, roe buck and doe.

On the Oa 2 merlin were seen over Kinnabus. 

At Claddach 3 chough were feeding on the beach. Out towards the west, skeins of geese continuing their journey to their wintering grounds.

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