Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wed 24th November

Today down at Bruichladdich Malcolm had seen a Jack Snipe and on the shoreline there were 8 Purple Sandpipers. We were past there late this afternoon, the Pale bellied Brent were present, a small huddle of Turnstone were on top of a rock, and along the edge of the water we counted 4 Herons at different places.
With the Goose counts having started up for the season, SNH have sent the figures through. The first count done at the end of October tallied up to 37,005 Barnacle geese and 3,381 Whitefronts. The figures through from the latest count, an International count, were 49,918 Barnies and 7,186 Whitefronts. Many thanks to the team at SNH for the information.
Another special day today, as tonight is the 1,000th entry on the blog since we started it all, back in May 2007, so a big thank you to everyone who has contributed over the years and also to all of you out there who read it, I know myself that I have met some of you when you have visited Islay!

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