Friday 5 November 2010

Fri 5th November

One of the many Redwings that were seen today here on Islay. Mary was telling me this morning that were even more Redwing to be seen at Portnahaven this morning. Malcolm had been goose counting down on the Oa and over towards Ardtalla and commented on seeing large flocks there too, but only a few Fieldfares.
RAFOS had turned up Waxwing today at Ballygrant, Ringed Plover on Loch Indaal along with Turnstone, a few Crossbill at Avonvoggie too. There also had been 2 Waxwing at Bowmore, and a further 3 at Port Ellen. There also had a Canada Goose amongst the Barnies at Kintra.
James had a count of 158 Whooper Swans on the reserve at Gruinart this morning, yesterday RAFOS had counted 65 at Gruinart and today there were 2 groups at Rockside, one of 23 and another of 19. Sunderland had 14, and earlier on I saw 17 heading out in the wind towards Ireland, and they had some job ahead!
Dave Beaumont from RSPB came over on the ferry on Wednesday evening as a foot passenger, and when he went to pick up his luggage, a Leach's Petrel was on the deck!
Bob today had 200 Golden Plover at Kilchiran, a flock of 180 Lapwing with a few Golden Plover behind Port Charlotte. He had also seen a Jack Snipe too.

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