Saturday 13 November 2010

Sat 13th November

We are not half way through the month yet, but the rainfall already this month is over 4", so perhaps it is catch up time with a wetter than average month! Today, the wind has dropped away, it has been dry but certainly not a heatwave, with the temperature not even into double figures.....
George had a count yesterday of 80 Curlew in the fields up behind his house, and in his trees he saw a group of 8 Long tailed tits. On the road going through the wood George came across a dead Salmon, with a bite out of it, probably the work of an Otter!
Michal has "emigrated" off to warmer climes again for the winter, he is in The Seychelles again and this time he is going to be working on Aldabra. Last winter he worked on Aride and later on, he was working on Denis Island. Certainly the weather will be a lot warmer..... Just hope he keeps an eye out for any pirates!

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