Monday 29 November 2010

Mon 29th November

Sorry to say that this image of a couple of Crab Plovers with a Heron in the background was not taken on Islay today. No, it has come through from Michal in Aldabra. I bet he does not have his central heating on to prevent burst water pipes. Michal has sent some more images through for us to envy as we shiver, but more of them another day...
On the reserve at Gruinart yesterday, James had a Golden Eagle and also a Merlin. Today round at Saligo he had a count of 50 Blackbirds.
When James was round yesterday, we were looking back the International Goose counts and James commented that the figures for the Barnies was well up on the year as was the count for the Whitefronts.

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Islay Natural History Trust said...

Both species of geese have bred better than last year and so there are more young in the flocks, hence the increase.