Sunday 21 November 2010

Sun 21st November

Just a few of the Whooper Swans present just now on Loch Skerrols. There were a few family groups of Mutes there too, but interesting to see larger family size too, whereas the Whoopers had a smaller % of juveniles. This was also noted on one of the lochans beside Loch Gorm with 21 Whoopers there, but only 4 juveniles. In the above image there are only 3 juveniles with 11 adults. As well as the Swans, there were Wigeon and also some Greylag Geese too.
Down on the fir tees near to Avenvogie, some Siskins were seen as well as the odd Stonechat on our way home. There were also a few Fieldfare at Cattadale. Back at home today, the birds on the feeders have been busy, polishing off the food put out for them. This morning in the garden there were 11 Red legged Partridges, probably birds that had been released for shooting!

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