Thursday 18 November 2010

Thurs 18th November

The wind has dropped through the day, the rain has returned, as have the ferries, what else could one ask for...
As you may see that we have a new link through to the blog of the Islay Natural History Trust, a great read, give the logo a click and you're hooked, another favorite!
Slight error from last night's entry, the person who I met up with last night was Dick Hewitt, not Neil Hewitt, my mistake!
Bob was out with Malcolm yesterday on the goose counts, Bob the learner and Malcolm as tutor. They had a Pinkfoot amongst the Whitefronts near Island Farm and another, also with Whitefronts, just outside Bowmore on the Low Road. 2 Pale bellied Brents were with the Barnies at Gartbreck. Malcolm also commented on the counts of Whitefronts, "reasonable numbers in the usual places, but one or two flocks were either missing or reduced. On the other hand, he found over 200 on a harvested turnip field in an area which normally holds rather few".
Today Bob had seen a Grey Phalarope over near the coal yard, possibly the same bird from "smelly corner".

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