Wednesday 17 November 2010

Wed 17th November

As predicted last night on the blog, the ferry did not sail today, and tomorrow is another day, and the ferry certainly will not be here first thing as the wind huffs and puffs outside!!!
James had been out doing the Goose count from Uiskentuie, Lyrabus, Craigens, Gruinart and Ardnave today, not a great day for it, but apart from the Geese James had 4 Lapland Buntings at Ardnave, on Ardnave Loch itself there were 14 Whoopers. A Ketrel was seen at Kilnave and a Peregrine at Lyrabus. The Canada Goose, hutchinsii sp is still present on the flats.
James, George and myself met in with Neil Hewitt from Elgin who comes over annually to have a look through our flocks of Geese here on Islay, mainly the Whitefronts. He commented on how he felt that he thought that there were not so many Whitefronts present this Autumn, so it will interesting to see what figures come through. He also had seen one with a neck collar on which he reckons is one rung at Loch Ken.
Coming home and at Erasaid in the trees at the roadside was a Tawny Owl.

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