Sunday 7 November 2010

Sun 7th November

As I write this entry the wind is picking up and forecast to blow up to 60 mph, the coal bunker lid is banging away already, fortunately we live down in a hollow so we should not get the full blast, will tell you tomorrow if anything else happens. The power dropped for a short time mid afternoon, so better keep a torch handy......
Mike Bell from Dunblane was over last week and had seen a Wheatear up at Sanaigmore on Wednesday, and on the same day had 23 Grey Plover on Loch Indaal. Earlier in the week he had a count of 225 Tufted Duck on Loch Gorm. On Thursday he had seen 8 Bullfinch over at Bunnahabhain. He too had seen various flacks of Redwing and also smaller groups of Fieldfare as they moved through.

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