Thursday 8 October 2015

Thursday 8th October

With this spell of good weather continuing, there was no other real option but to get some more "ground work" done in the garden, just takes time and a lot of patience... Coming back on the ferry yesterday afternoon, James saw a White tailed Sea Eagle over the Sound of Islay. This morning at Gruinart, James saw 3 Grey Plovers. David and Carol Andrews from Bruichladdich had a great, close sighting of male Hen Harrier as it flew along a roadside ditch, over close to the Airport. Later on, they saw a Kestrel at Blackrock. This morning, we had a ringtail Hen Harrier close to Grainel at Gruinart and another after Coull as we headed home. While we were working in the garden, our "local" choughs were, as ever, being nosey and keeping an watchful eye on what we doing, they are real characters...

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