Friday 30 October 2015

Friday 30th October

Another month almost in, so wonder what the rainfall will be, but you can wait until Sunday for that piece of information! Yesterday had been Danny and Wanda's last day on their visit. Round at Ballinaby, Danny counted 87 Greenland Whitefronts, up at Ardnave, 204 Whoopers on the Loch. Back down at Rock mountain, a further 80 Whitefronts, along the road past Sunderland, just over the fence were 6 Whitefronts and 5 Whoopers. At Rockside, another 110 Whitefronts. Later on, on the lochan just before you drop down to Kilchiaran, there was a Greylag present with a neck collar, one which had been caught by Ed & co back in January up beyond Conisby. John, one of the vols at Gruinart had counted 684 Teal out on the "floods" at Gruinart. Today, James counted 579 GWF, 9 Pale bellied Brent and 585 Golden Plovers on the reserve at Gruinart. This morning, Steve Percival and his father had a male Blackcap in the trees at Gruinart farm, this afternoon, they had a Golden Eagle, a White tailed Eagle and a Redpoll, again at Gruinart Farm. Bob had a count of 30 male Blackbirds in his garden this morning. Today also, there were several flocks of Fieldfares and also Redwings passing through.

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