Monday 5 October 2015

Monday 5th October

A rather miserable sort of a day with some rain thrown into the mix, better still it shows me that the rain gauge is working if nothing else!!!! Forgot to mention that the other day after I had cut the grass that there were 18 Wagtails on the newly cut grass, a mixture of Pied and White Wagtails together...Visiting birder, Steve Curtis had been over for a few days, and not his last visit by the sound of things as he hoping to return next Spring. His top bird was a GND seen off Bowmore on Loch Indaal. The rain from Mulindry was 1.68", wetter than last September when there was only an inch of rain.. 50 Swallows were on their overhead wires on Saturday, but come Sunday they had all moved on. Today, we saw 3 Hen Harriers on our travels, we had a ringtail outside the house out over the Machir, further on at Sunderland Farm we had a cracking male on the wing and the third was another ringtail, this one was over on the reserve at Gruinart, just below the former Kilchoman School at the top of the hill just before you drop down to the flats and the Visitor centre.

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