Friday 9 October 2015

Friday 9th October

Same old tune again, a grand day for October, nothing else for it but get on and get some more work done in the garden, and some birdwatching at home at the same time... Bob this morning had a Water Rail at Bolsay, later on at Gartmain, on his way into Bowmore he had 420 Wigeon, 45 Pale bellied Brent and 2 Barnies. Early afternoon, on Loch Gorm he saw a Great crested Grebe, a male Pochard, 3 Goldeneye, 42 Tufted Duck and 50 Teal. Here at home the Sparrowhawk was present in the morning and again late afternoon in the garden, up to no good!!! Late afternoon, on the grass there were a total of 28 Pied/white Wagtails along with a Grey Wagtail. There were also 27 Goldfinches seen too. Out over the crag there were 15 Chough tumbling around.

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