Sunday 2 May 2010

Sun 2nd May

After a damp morning, it turned out a beautiful afternoon, and better still the last ewe lambed which means I can get a full night in bed!
Yesterday, James had 5 Common sandpiper while he was over at Lossit Loch at Ballygrant.
Bob Davison who has just come to live here on Islay, sent in some birds that he has seen. Over near to the small lochan on the way to Kilchiaran, Bob had a Redwing singing while at the back of Port Charlotte he had a Sedge warbler, a Blackcap and a pair of Bullfinch. Also in a couple of fields there, a fall of around 100 Wheatear were present. Certainly today there appear to more Wheatear to be seen out and about. Round at Bowmore he had seen a couple of Arctic Tern over Loch Indaal and also 30 Whimbrel.
Our friends had seen a Little Tern today over Loch Indaal, and seen the 2 Pink foots at Rockside along with a couple of Barnies, but no sign of any Barnies at Gruinart.
As I write, I have just heard that 50 Golden Plover have just turned up in a field down at the Coastguard cottages.
Back to Owlcam, and the Barn Owl has laid a second egg!

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