Friday 28 May 2010

Friday 28th May

Another good day out here, weather wise that is, although sunny and bright there is an edge to the air. The grass does not appear to be growing like what it has in previous years, the grass round the cottages certainly has not been cut as frequently, and the grass cuttings are not as plentiful as before. I had been speaking to one of the Distillery workers this evening and he reckons that in a fortnight's time some of the Distilleries will be short of water!
As you may have gathered there are not many bird entries for today, but one of our friends had seen a juvenile Dipper on the River Sorn today. Another visitor was well pleased with seeing a Golden Eagle yesterday.
Back at home, the Pheasant was out with her brood again this afternoon but with only 3 chicks present, what has happened to the other 5? Were the others still hidden in the undergrowth, or was it a different bird with only 3? I will try to keep you posted of any further sightings.

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