Sunday 16 May 2010

Sun 16th May

Carl had been on the road past Mulindry today and had counted 24 Raven feeding in one of the "pig enclosures". Off Port Charlotte, on Loch Indaal he had seen a Great Northern Diver in full summer plumage, and down at Portnahaven he had heard a Corncrake calling. Michal was saying today that he has 0ver 20 calling birds so far, but early days yet...
Malcolm was in touch to say that he had heard there was an injured Mute Swan with possibly a broken wing down at Carnain yesterday, so we are wondering if it is the male bird from the pair down there as Malcolm had seen the female still on the nest. We will keep you informed if we hear anything more. Still on Swans, there are 5 immature Mute around from Bowmore back up to Gartmain, so are these the same ones that were seen frequently through the Winter/ Spring in the same area, less their parents?
Another set of visitors in this week, had 14 Great Northen Diver coming out from Kennacraig last night in West Loch Tarbert, along with 1 Red throated Diver. Coming into Port Ellen, they had counted a further 12 GND. Also on the crossing, close to the ferry they had seen a Puffin near to the mouth of the Sound of Islay. Guillemots, Razorbills, Tysties and some Gannets were also seen coming over. Today, they had 22 Golden Plover on the North end of Machir Bay, and heard a Corncrake calling in the reedbed beside Machir Bay. 2 Sedge warblers were heard calling there too and at least 30 Sand Martin were flying over the reeds. Up at Traigh Nostaig on Ardnave were 20 Sanderling, 1 Grey Plover, 18 Dunlin 5 Turnstone and a few Ringed plover. 18 GND were counted off shore as they walked round Ardnave Point. Down at Saligo Bay they had seen a male Stonechat with 3 juvenile birds, and further on they had seen a pair carrying food.
The visitors who had given in sightings over the past few weeks were Chris and Ray Bertera from Frodsham in Cheshire who had been visiting for a fortnight, many thanks to them, especially as it was them who initially saw the Common Crane.

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