Sunday 16 May 2010

Sat 15th May

Rather a late entry (it is now after 1.15am Sunday!) but what with one thing and another, it has been a long hectic day. The cottages are starting to get busier, in fact I think that all the cottages this week are full with bird watchers...more of that on Sunday's entry!
Down on the Oa today and a group of visitors on a walk there had a sighting close to the car park at Upper Killeyan on the RSPB reserve of a Dotterel.
Carl was in touch tonight with some birds. He had a Whinchat in Portnahaven, sitting on the same fence as a Stonechat, a Cuckoo flew overhead and at the same time a Sedge warbler was singing. Back at Carl's home, he has an "annoying" Herring gull that pecks extremely loudly and persistently at a whole range of windows! Carl wants to know of any "Herring gull window pecking deterrents". All answers will be passed on to Carl!

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