Monday 31 May 2010

Mon 31st May

Yesterday George had been over at Claggain Bay and had seen a Common Sandpiper carrying a piece of broken egg shell away from it's nest site to the sea shore, a distance of around 100 metres. This was repeated a second time, probably a defensive effort so that predators would not pick up the nest site. He had also seen an Eider with 5 young ducklings, 4 Red breasted Merganser as well as some Arctic Terns. In one of the former Swallow nests at George's house, a Wren has taken the nest over this year!
A visitor told me of hearing a Chiffchaff in a garden in Port Charlotte this morning at 5.30, Michal had heard it too, and then Carl also heard it, and confirmed the Chiffchaff as being in his garden! Carl's first for 2010 in Port Charlotte! The visitor also told me of seeing 6 different male Hen Harrier while he was out and about today.
Carl today saw that the Mute Swan at Crosshouses has hatched 6 cygnets, along with a female Shoveler. At "Smelly corner" there was a count of 22 Drake Mallard, Gartmain had 110 Bar tailed Godwit and a male Greenfinch, while below the Power station outside Bowmore 14 Drake Eider were counted.
There was a Kestrel below Carn on Loch Indaal this afternoon, but each time I tried to get an image, it peeled off and flew on, rather annoying to put it politely! At Rockside there was a total of 43 Greylag in 2 groups, and back at home the Ravens have got the 3 youngsters out on the wing and vocal with it too!

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