Saturday 8 May 2010

Sat 8th May

Yesterday while out round Loch Gorm, we noticed 2 Ravens being chased off by a couple of Curlew, on checking this out with the binoculars, we thought that one of the Ravens was flying off with an egg in it's beak. On a different tack yesterday, at home in the evening was a Buzzard getting mobbed by 10 Jackdaws, what was up with them I was not sure!
Yesterday George had heard a Cuckoo at Foreland, and seen a few Golden Plover down there too. From his house he had seen an Oystercatcher with 3 young. Today, George had heard a Cuckoo at home, while over Loch Indaal he had seen some Common Terns and 4 Razorbill on Loch Indaal.

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