Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Tuesday 3rd March

Yesterday Chris and John had braved the weather and managed to get some birding done and that was in between the dirty showers...At Uiskentuie they saw the Glaucous Gull, along at Bruichladdich 13 Pupple Sandpipers and 90 Dunlin were present. Up the Eastern side of Loch Gruinart they counted 200 Barwits, 140 Sanderling, 1 Knot and a Grey Plover. Over the hillls to the East of Killillan, 2 Golden Eagles were noted. Back down close to Craigens, a Grey Wagtail was present and along the flats at Gruinart, a large Canada Goose was spotted amongst the Barnies. Over Borahchill Mor, an immature Golden Eagle was seen, and on their travels, 4 male Hen Harriersvwere seen at up the East of Gruinart, Coullabus, Carrabus and Foreland all individuals, with a ringtail was seen at Grulinmore. Another pr of Golden Eagles were seen late on in the day up behind Sunderland. A small flock of 12 Redwings were seen at Ballinaby as well as were a few others on Chris and John's travels. Finally at Ballinby they saw 6 of Ed's Whitefronts with neck collars on. Ed himself, yesterday had sen a pr of Golden Eagles way out past Scarrabus. By the way the "Spring" weather has not arrived yet, it has been another day of wintery showers. Forgot to mention that yesterday was the 2,500th entry on the blog...

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