Monday, 9 March 2015

Monday 9th March

Some sightings in from yesterday from Rob Hall who is over with his friend Ian for the week. Rob first visited Islay last Spring when he was the winner of the "Gies us a brek" (slang for Give us a break) compiittion which we have been holding at the Bird Fair over the past few years. So Rob is a returning visitor...Down on the Machir Bay, they had a flypast by a Chough. Coming back up from the reedbed at the Coastguards, on the fields there were 15 Redwing, along with several Hares!Back at the cottages, and they had a male Sparrowhawk hunting after the Chaffinches!!! Ron from "Islay info" had been over at Port Ellen yesterday and out over Ballaclava, a pair of Golden Eagles were out on the air. The ferries made a quick splash and dash first thing this morning, before calling a halt, who would blame them! The morning plane made it late morning and hoping to come later on this evening after 8pm, but I doubt it.. The wind here gusted up to 62.8mph this afternoon...

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