Wednesday 2 June 2010

Wed 2nd June

I forgot to mention in yesterday's entry that early yesterday morning, down in a field at Sunderland Farm there were 5 pairs of Greylags along with their broods of young goslings setting out on their way down to Loch Gorm.
Tonight is the first night of the Corncrake count here on Islay, so will keep you posted on what we hear in tomorrow's blog. One of our visitors had seen one today while they were out.
I had an e mail from a friend in Bearsden, Glasgow who had found a dead male Blackbird with a BTO ring on its leg in March, it had flown into one of his windows. Ken got in touch with BTO and filled in all the details, and it was initially rung back in Oct 2007 in Fair Isle!
Today at Smelly Corner, Carl had counted a Mallard along with 11 ducklings, 18 Dunlin and 8 Ringed Plover. There were 2 Snipe "singing" in the marshy ground beside Crosshouses, in fact one of them was perched on the Telegraph wires! 24 Drake Mallards were at the mouth of the River Sorn. Back on the Uiskentuie Strand the Little Terns are still present, with some Arctic Terns starting to show some activity.
Another piece of news I heard today was that Bowmore Distillery had stopped producing Whisky, a lack of water one presumes!

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