Monday 28 June 2010

Mon 28th June

These are the juvenile Swallows up in the sheep shed, taken last week just before they left the nest. The others from the dogs' shed are still around with all 5 of them often seen perched on the fence in the garden.
There were 12 Mute Swan down at Bunanuisg at Bowmore today. If you are wondering where that is, well it is where Islay Farmers former store once stood, now demolished!
Carl was out on the road yesterday and had a male Hen Harrier in the morning, out on the wing round at Ballinaby and it managed to upset 12 Lapwing. Later in the afternoon, he had a ringtail Hen Harrier down at Portnahaven, and 4 Chough flew past while he was playing croquet and Redpoll were frequently seen overhead.
This evening here at home, there has been some drizzle, not a lot, but the midges will be out, not that I am going out to check! By the sound of things come late Wednesday and Thursday, the weather is back to normal with some rain!

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