Friday 4 June 2010

Fri 4th June

I received a message on the phone today that a visitor had seen an Osprey being mobbed by around 20 Oystercatcher down beside Craigfad which is between Port Charlotte and Portnahaven. I also heard late last night that an Osprey had been seen on Tuesday, again on Loch Indaal, but this time at Pennycraig, the former smiddy just outside Bowmore. Here's hoping that the bird is around for a long stay. There was one seen at Bunnahabhain in the middle of May too.
I was speaking with Andy down on the RSPB reserve on the Oa, and he has Tree Sparrows on the reserve again this year, which is also good to hear.
The pair of Collared Doves were in the wood here again today. I am thinking that they might be sharing their time between Rockside and here, similar to what the Great spotted woodpecker did the other winter!

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