Saturday 26 June 2010

Sat 26th June

This is one of the Dunnock family present in Carl's garden down at Port Charlotte. Yesterday Carl had the seen the Great northern Diver again out in the bay at Port Charlotte. Today at the mouth of the burn at Uiskentuie he had 5 female Eider with their respective broods together. Over at Gartmain there were there were 7 Mute Swan present.
Yesterday, Margaret had been watching a young Chough emerging from the nest. It came came out, but a Jackdaw came along and gave a tug at one of the Chough's tail feathers and the youngster made a hasty return back inside!
Tonight as we came back home there was a Short eared Owl out on the wing down beside Loch Gorm.
On leaving us this morning, Charles from Derbyshire said that they had seen 9 different Hen Harriers whilst being here this week as well as several Otters. Needless to say he was well pleased as was the rest of his family too!!

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