Wednesday 23 June 2010

Wed 23rd June

On the way out early this morning, when we were heading down towards the Coastguard cottages there were over 40 Sand Martins sitting on the road, don't worry they had all flown off by the time we got to where they were sitting! On a trip out and about after that we saw several Hen Harriers, both male and female out on the wing. Coming home round the other side of Loch Gorm, and it was good to see that the Sand Martin colony at Ballinaby was looking well with a good number of birds flying around.
I forgot to say that the pair of Swallows that have bred in the dog shed for the past few years fledged 5 youngsters, who were sitting on the garden fence yesterday. This pair of Swallows were the ones who also reared a couple of House Martins along with their own brood, after the young House Martins had fallen out of their original nest which had fallen down.

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