Monday 14 June 2010

Mon 14th June

Well, I eventually got through to the help desk in India, but with precious little joy, I even got to speak to the Supervisor who assured me all was well and the problem was resolved on the 7th of June, case closed... tomorrow is another day...
This evening just after 7pm there was a really low flying jet out on practice, boy did it put the birds up. One wonders how there are not more bird strikes when they fly so low, this one was well under 500 feet and here we are not living in a low flying zone like how we used to be when we lived in the Scottish Borders.
The owl on the Islay Natural History Trust "Owlcam" hatched her first egg out last Tuesday, but I am not sure as to whether any further eggs have hatched. She had laid 4 eggs in total.

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