Thursday, 2 September 2010

Thurs 2nd Sept

I was speaking with Clark this afternoon, and up came the topic of the rainfall so far this year. He reckons that his tally for the year is a mere 22", compared with 38" at the same time last year, a shortfall of 16"..... The farmers certainly are not wanting the rain for a few days yet as most of them have just made a start to combining the harvest....
Down at "smelly corner" there were some waders around, some Eiders are starting to come out of their eclipse plumage. There were a few Ringed Plovers seen scurrying around too. Round on the foreshore, just as you enter Bruichladdich, there have been a few more Herons of late.
By the way "Home alone" has been back home again, still looking for a friend no doubt!

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