Saturday 18 September 2010

Sat 18th Sept

This morning in the Sound of Islay, on the Jura side opposite Port Askaig, Fiona MacGillivray had seen a Sunfish.
Yesterday Peter Roberts saw a family of Crossbills in the woods down towards Ballimony. over at Gruinart and Michal had a Whooper Swan on the floods.
On Friday, Carl reported in that a few Skylarks were moving through Rockside. A Ringtail was hunting round the margins of Loch Gorm where it managed to flush 30 Teal while the Greylags present just ignored it! A pair of Chough flew past while he was rooting about in a ditch at Coulererach and there was a charm of around 30 Goldfinches bouncing along ahead of him on his bike.
Returning home, and at Gortan and Carl saw 6 Commic Terns, probably Common, all juveniles apart from one. Also seen there were 2 Redshank and 7 Turnstone.

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