Monday, 13 September 2010

Mon 13th Sept

Wet, wet, wet along with a strong wind. It had to come, I know but... So far this month we have had the same amount as we had for the whole of September last year. We are never happy are we?
As the weather has not been great, not a lot to report, but the Wheatears that were around appear to have moved on, or perhaps they have been sheltering from the elements. Yesterday, I forgot to mention that I had seen a few different Hen Harriers while I was out and about. Also the other day, Angus Og, our young cat came to the kitchen window with a Meadow Pipit in his mouth. Needless to say I was not too pleased with his "present", and did not allow him in. Away he went and he duly returned again with the Pipit in his mouth. I relented and let him in, caught by him the scruff of his neck as he came in, he duly dropped the Pipit who flew off. Whether it lived on, or died of shock, I do not know! The cat is still here, and did get a telling off. Not sure if that will make any odds, but....
Think James and Eleanor are having the rain/wind too!

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