Saturday 25 September 2010

Sat 25th Sept

Many thanks to James for writing the blog over the last few days while we were down in London. We managed to see some wildlife not resident on Islay, a "suburban"fox the first night there, a few Grey squirrels and needless to say Magpies, 9 together in one park in Tonbridge Wells, as well as Coots on the River Thames, some Great crested Grebes and a few Parakeets overhead. On our return here this morning, we saw 19 Barnacle Geese amongst the Greylags down on the stubble at Sunderland.
At Gruinart this afternoon, James had 4 Black tailed Godwit and 110 Bar tailed Godwit, later on up at Ardnave he saw 3 groups of Twite totalling 115 and 2 Snow Bunting. Over on Nave Island a lot of Grey seals were present, including 44 pups.
This afternoon on Loch Gorm, Bob counted 190 Tufted Duck, 5 Scaup, 45 Wigeon and 50 Teal. Back on Thursday, Bob had 80 Pink footed Geese fly over his house heading over Loch Indaal towards Port Ellen. Earlier on in the week he saw a couple of Golden Eagles tucking into a Hare!

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