Monday 20 September 2010

Mon 20th Sept

Up the back of Port Charlotte this afternoon, Bob saw a Golden Plover and along with it was a Buff breasted Sandpiper. It was good to get the birds close together to get a comparison in the size and also plumage. The light was kind to us too!
Yesterday on Loch Indaal, Bob had a Great crested Grebe and also 2 Red throated Divers. Over at the Council tip this morning he had 2 Peregrines out, putting all the gulls up, followed shortly afterwards by a Sparrowhawk. I forgot to say the other day that Bob had 3 Greenfinches at Finlaggan.
Coming back home this afternoon, we had a charm of 38 Goldfinches feeding on seed heads at Foreland House. Good to see so many, certainly there are more Goldfinches around this year, and I have not seen so many together before.

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